European investigators launch full attack on Google

The failure of Google to change its privacy policy in Europe has led six countries to coordinate an enforcement push.

Apple under investigation by Eurocrats in Brussels

Investigators at the headquarters of the European Union (EU) in Brussels, Belgium, are looking into allegations that Apple’s terms and conditions to sell its iPhone in Europe breach anticompetitive rules.

US eyes new space weapons policy

The Obama administration is reportedly ready to consider a new space weapons policy based on an international code of conduct.

US should be more like EU when it comes to GMOs

America isn’t perfect and emulating the European Union isn’t exactly a good way to bring back some of the glory from the pre 9/11 era.

Galaxy Tab is perma-banned in Germany

Samsung can never sell the Galaxy Tab as it exists right now within the borders of Germany.

Europe starts giving policing power to ISPs

How would you feel if the company you pay to provide your Internet service was able to track your online activity and issue sanctions against you, without police intervention? That's what is increasingly happening in parts of Europe.

EU eyes Apple iPhone probe

European Union (EU) Commissioner Neelie Kroes is reportedly preparing to investigate the lack of interoperability between various smartphone platforms.