Prepping for radar vision

Sentinel-1A, Europe’s first satellite for Copernicus, is almost ready for launch on 3 April. Meanwhile, ESA is showing how its advanced radar will map ice, monitor subsidence and much more. Marking a new era in Earth observation focusing on operational applications, Sentinel-1A is set to deliver timely imagery for numerous Copernicus services.

What is the capacity of offshore wind power?

Offshore wind power has hit a rough patch in Europe. There have been troubles with basking sharks and red-throated divers, but mostly there have been challenges in making the difficult technology economically viable.

The growing threat of space debris

The continuing growth of space debris poses an increasing threat to satellites and space shuttles.

US IT services market takes a hit

Analyts at Ovum have officially ruled 2012 as bad for the IT services market. Ed Thomas, Senior Analyst in the Ovum IT Services team said that 2012 was the worst for IT services contract activity since 2002.

Russia and ESA clinch Mars exploration agreement

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian federal space agency, Roscosmos, have signed a formal agreement to work in partnership on the ExoMars program towards the launch of two missions in 2016 and 2018.

Europe votes for internet pornography

The EU has changed its mind about trying to ban internet porn.

Did Neanderthals die out before modern humans arrived in Europe?

New radiocarbon dating suggests that Neanderthals may not have lived alongside Homo sapiens in southern Europe as thought - let alone interbred with us.

This floating pavilion is designed for rising seas

Out of all the countries in Europe, The Netherlands will likely be the most vulnerable to rising sea levels as the planet continues to heat up.

Europe set for more extreme weather, says report

Climate change is already bringing extreme weather to Europe, and the situation is only set to get worse, the European Environment Agency has warned.

Sony explains lack of 12 GB PS3 in US

Apparently consumers in the US are just too good for a low-capacity PS3.

BlackBerry users hit by outage

With impeccable timing, BlackBerry email and messaging services are down for many users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa - on the day that the iPhone 5 launches.

European launch for Amazon Appstore - and Kindle Fire too?

Amazon's Appstore is launching in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, in what's a pretty strong hint that the Kindle Fire will soon make it to Europe too.

Robotic pollution-aware fish released to the wild

There are now robots swimming alongside real fish.

Modern humans not responsible for Neanderthals' decline

European Neanderthals were on the verge of extinction even before moderns humans arrived on the scene, a DNA analysis has shown.

Columbus did bring back the clap, say scientists

Rarely can so much scientific attention have been paid to whether or not one small group of men put it where they shouldn't.

Apple blocks Galaxy Tab sales across Europe

Apple's succeeded in getting sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 halted across most of Europe, after winning a preliminary injunction in a German court.

On BlackBerry Messenger and the London riots

Every time anything newsworthy happens, concerned citizens take to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, spreading text, images and videos.

Are renewables edging out coal & nuclear?

With recent news indicating that both solar and wind power generation is on the the rise and looking stronger every year, it might be natural to wonder if renewable energy is dethroning fossil-fuel based electricity production. 

EU privacy probe looms for Facebook

Facebook is facing a privacy probe by watchdogs in the European Union who are criticizing the site for what they believe is a blatant disregard for personal privacy.

Industry heavyweights & startups converge at the TM Forum in Dublin

Walking into a mobile trade show, you’re immediately hit with company names you recognize from everyday tech life.