Primeval: New World trailer becomes the hunted

SPACE has released a trailer for its upcoming dinosaur hunter spin-off.

The end of Eureka

After a respectable run of 7 years and 5 seasons, Eureka aired its long-awaited final episode this week.

The altered reality of Eureka

Eureka is back, and the characters are in their most dire situation yet, but is it too dire?

Eureka featurette looks back

SyFy has released a recap featurette for the sci-fi situation dramedy Eureka, which is entering its final season this year.

The launchpads of Eureka

Eureka’s second to last season has come to a twisty close.

Is Eureka still worth watching?

Now that Eureka's days are numbered, is the show worth watching?

Syfy changes its mind about Eureka

This past weekend, we discussed a rumor about Eureka being renewed for a super short 6th season, and speculated it would likely be the end of the show.

Rumor: Eureka’s end is in sight

Eueka may be coming to an end, but there is still time to wrap up the series.

The paradoxes of Eureka

The season premier of Eureka hit earlier this week. It opened, of course with the narration of what’s been going on lately in the show, and I realized that this time-travel screw-up sub-plot has been going on for a very long time.

Battlestar Galactica enters Netflix orbit

It's almost here! Yes, Battlestar Galactica will finally land on Planet Netflix next week, along with Syfy's popular Eureka and Destination Truth.

New 3D technology provides HD quality, says team

German and Swiss researchers have developed a new type of 3D technology for the home that they claim provides an unprecedentedly high level of picture quality.