Why the EU is winning the clean energy race

The EU signed Kyoto in 1997, and passed laws to lower emissions by 2005. Five years later it had double the wind power of the US, and ten times the solar power.

A quarter of Europeans have never used the internet

More than 100 million adults on the EU have never surfed the web, new European Union statistics show.

Europe to investigate e-book pricing 'cartel'

The European Commission announced this morning that it intends to investigate possible price-fixing by e-book publishers and Apple.

Report - EU poised to approve Microsoft takeover of Skype

The Financial Times is reporting that EU competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia has made up his mind on Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Skype - and that he's giving it the go-ahead.

How to grow biofuels without eco-damage

Biofuels hold great potential, but they're certainly a double-edged sword.

'Outrageous' EU roaming prices to fall

The EU has announced measures to try and cut the high cost of data roaming within Europe.

EU privacy probe looms for Facebook

Facebook is facing a privacy probe by watchdogs in the European Union who are criticizing the site for what they believe is a blatant disregard for personal privacy.

'Viagra condom' soon to hit shelves

It's the standard excuse for not wearing a condom: it decreases sensitivity, and therefore performance - 'It's all in your best interests, darling'.

Microsoft complains to EU over 'anti-competitive' Google

Microsoft's put its two-penn'orth in to the European Commission's anti-trust investigation of Google, and has filed a formal complaint.

Cookie law crumbles as UK warns it will miss deadline

New EU regulations set to come into force in May could damage businesses' competitiveness, a UK trade body has warned. But never mind - it'll be months before anybody has to comply with the rules.

Europe tests autonomous road trains

The EU's road train project, Sartre, has undergone its first real-world tests in Sweden.

Parental controls work poorly with Web 2.0 sites

A European Commission study has found that parental control programs function poorly when filtering Web 2.0 content such as social networking sites or blogs.

Universal phone chargers to appear early next year

European cellphone users could soon be traveling a little lighter, with the release of a technical specification for a universal charger.

EU report warns of cellphone botnet danger

Smartphones could soon be used to launch distributed botnet attacks, a new EU security report warns.

Fastest-ever man-made craft gets EU go-ahead

The EU has agreed funding for a project to create the largest and fastest man-made craft in history.

Google hit by wide-ranging EU anti-trust investigation

The EU has opened an anti-trust investigation into Google in reponse to allegations that it unfairly promotes its own services in search results.

EU must work harder to hit broadband targets

European governments are in danger of missing their targets for fast broadband penetration, despite the fact that the number of 10Mbps connections has almost doubled in the last year, says an EU report.

EU sets tighter data protection rules

Facebook and Google are to be forced to ask users' permission before downloading personal data under new EU privacy rules expected to be announced today.

Opinion: EU wastes millions keeping Symbian afloat

Certain EU member states routinely pump funds into despotic regimes and cavort with arch terrorists. But it seems as if there is now an important new item on the agenda: keeping Symbian afloat.

EU-funded system reads public's body language

An EU-funded project has developed a computer system that can read people's body language and react accordingly.