Satellites could spot volcanic eruptions in advance

It could be possible to get advance warning of volcanic eruptions by observing them from space.

Small volcanic eruptions can cool global climate

Even minor volcanic eruptions can release enough aerosols into the atmosphere to affect global temperatures, thanks to a boosting effect from weather systems such as monsoons.

Chemical analysis can predict volcanic eruptions

Examining crystals formed deep within volcanoes could give a year's warning of impending eruptions, say scientists.

Volcanic activity detected on Greek island

The volcanic Greek island of Santorini - named by the BBC as the world's best island last year - appears to be working up to an eruption, its first for over 60 years.

Astronomers watch replay of celestial eruption

In the mid-nineteenth century, one of the most massive stars in our Milky Way galaxy suddenly got much brighter. For ten years, indeed, it was the second-brightest star in the sky.

Death Valley volcano could come back to life

Geologists have discovered that Death Valley's Ubehebe Crater, formed by a volcanic explosion, was created much more recently than thought — and that it could go off again any time.

Team finds trigger for volcanic 'super-eruptions'

'Super-eruptions' of major volcanic systems such as Yellowstone are triggered by a combination of the temperature influence and precise shape of the magma chamber, say scientists.

Mud volcano to continue erupting for 26 years

The world's largest mud volcano looks set to continue erupting for another 26 years. Lusi, in Indonesia, first blew in 2006, killing about 15 people and rendering thousands of families homeless. More than a dozen villages have been swallowed up.

Sensor can send back data from the heart of a volcano

Chucking a radio transmitter into the heart of a volcano might seem a pretty fruitless endeavor. But a team at Newcastle University says it's developed a device that can withstand temperatures of up to 900 degrees C and which could provide early warning of an eruption.

Travelers Twitter their way back home

Travelers stranded by the effects of the Icelandic volcano are turning to social media to get themselves home.