Eric Schmidt says Google is a country, not a company

Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Go Ogle, was in Oxford yesterday, speaking at the Sheldonian about goodness knows what. It was probably attended by ass lickers, big time.

Is Chrome OS headed to tablets?

Google exec Eric Schmidt has reiterated multiple times that Mountain View's mobile Android operating system and web-centric Chrome OS will remain two distinct entities, at least for now.

Google fights back against the taxman

Google has defended itself against allegations that it has been playing a game of tax evasion in the UK, claiming the nation is lucky to have the search engine working in the country.

Schmidt triggers drone alert: privacy matters

Google chairman Eric Schmidt believes more regulation is needed in the civilian drone market. The use of drones by law enforcement and enthusiasts is skyrocketing, but it is also raising new concerns about privacy, reports the BBC. 

Google's Schmidt lashes out at China

Google's Eric Schmidt has called China the "most egregious" example of a country trying to control the net.

Google insists Android and Chrome will remain separate, acknowledges overlap

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has confirmed that Mountain View's mobile Android operating system and web-centric Chrome OS will remain two distinct entities, at least for now.

Google publishes North Korea map... complete with gulags

It's always nice to have a map to go along with your holiday snaps, and remind you just where that charming temple or prison camp was exactly.

Eric Schmidt and his daughter describe North Korea visit

Like the country itself, Google chairman was initially less than communicative about his recent trip to North Korea. Now, though, both he and his daughter have opened up about what Sophie Schmidt describes as  'The Truman Show, at country scale'.

Well, that'll make all the difference, won't it?

Google chairman Eric Schmidt has reportedly used his time in North Korea this week to explain to the government how beneficial an open internet is.

Google chairman arrives in North Korea on controversial trip

Google chairman Eric Schmidt, along with former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, has arrived in North Korea for the start of a two or three day visit.

Android activations surpass 900,000 per day

In case you were wondering whether or not the Android fervor was still as strong as ever...

Asteroid mining could start this decade

A new company is tomorrow expected to announce plans for an asteroid-mining operation.

Google chairman says Android isn't fragmented

In a new corporate spin, Google says Android is not fragmented - it's "differentiated."

How evil became optional at Google

I’ve been reviewing the Google timeline in an attempt to determine if the accusations about the search engine giant stealing Android from Apple hold up.  

Google lacks market power, says Schmidt

Modest, a glass-half-full sort of guy - or someone that's been ticked off by his lawyers? Google chairman Eric Schmidt has told a Senate antitrust subcommittee that Google doesn't dominate the search market.

Schmidt dismisses search complaints as sour grapes

Google chairman Eric Schmidt yesterday defended the company's practices to a Senate anti-trust panel, but admitted it was a near-monopoly.

Google talks monopoly

It isn't just outsiders slinging mud at Google over its size and status anymore, as even the company's own chairman admitted the firm is "in the area" of having a monopoly on the market.

Google's Schmidt unconcerned by Android lawsuits

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt says he is unconcerned about various patent infringement lawsuits targeting a number of Android handsets.

Google touts Android ecosystem as activations reach 400K per day

Today Google released statistics showcasing the exponential growth of its Android operating system, which has managed to rapidly evolve into a successful ecosystem.

Eric Schmidt resigns as CEO of Google

Eric Schmidt - who joined Google in 2001 - is stepping down as CEO of the multi-billion dollar company.