This eReader has a camera and OCR software

PocketBook has introduced a new eReader equipped with a 6-inch Carta eE Ink display and a camera.

PocketBook debuts water resistant eReader

Who doesn't want to read their favorite ebook poolside or on the beach?

txtr beagle lands in the US for $69

It's been a while since we last discussed the txtr beagle eReader from Germany. As you may recall, we mentioned the little device back in October of 2012 when it first surfaced with a price of €10, working out to about $13 here in the US.

Pocketbook color E-ink eReader launches in June 2013

Color E-ink equipped digital reader launches in June 2013.

Nook Simple Touch hacked to run PlayStation games

Hack puts PlayStation games on Nook eReader.

Amazon: Kindle Fire HD owners can opt out of ads - for a fee

Amazon lets you skip the ads on its new lineup of Kindle Fire HD tablets for $15.

Report: Amazon eyes $149 Kindle Fire

Amazon's Kindle Fire boasts a sweet $199 price point and is currently one of the most popular Android tablets on the market.

AT&T sponsored Amazon Kindle 3G priced at $139

Amazon is launching an ad-supported version of its popular Kindle 3G on the AT&T network for a flat fee of $139.

New Nook offers two month battery life on a single charge

Barnes & Noble has debuted a 6-inch Nook that features an extra-long battery life, E Ink Pearl display and Wi-Fi.

Hack adds Kindle app to Nook Color

Brave Nook Color owners are able to read Kindle books on the device, thanks to a simple hack.

eBook readers will soon become ubiquitous

The eBook reader market is poised for rapid expansion, with more than 30 million eReaders projected to ship in 2013.

New e-Display will revolutionize handheld devices

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have developed a new e-Display. The breakthrough is expected to maximize screen brightness and readability, while significantly reducing power consumption compared to current-gen devices.

Pandigital Novel hacked, no rooting required

Want to hack your Pandigital Novel but don't feel like rooting the device? Well, now you can gain access to the command line by simply overwriting the existing home screen.

E Ink debuts next-gen eReader display

E Ink has debuted a next-gen display for eReaders that offers a 50% improved contrast ratio, along with crisper images and text for outdoor reading. 

Pandigital debuts $200 multimedia e-reader

Forget the clunky Nook! Yes, Pandigitial has introduced a sleek, 7-inch multimedia eReader priced at a cool $200.

Borders launches $150 Kobo eReader

Borders has entered the rather crowded eReader space with the launch of a $150 device dubbed "Kobo."

The Three Types of iPad Buyer: Zealot, Gifter, Big iPoder

There appear to be three types of iPad buyer currently circling the iPad pre-orders and each is decidedly different. 

They range from religious types who think the device is the equivalent of Moses’ tablets all the way over to folks that just want a bigger iPod.