Flying to the moon on drops of fuel

European scientists at EPFL labs have designed an ultra-compact motor - dubbed MicroThrust - that will allow small satellites to journey beyond Earth's orbit using just a tenth of a liter of fuel.

Software tracks athletes for 'robot sportscasters'

Researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne have come up with an algorithm that can track all the players in a sports match, and say it could soon appear at international competitions.

On optofluidics and the future of energy efficiency

Optofluidics - now that's something we haven't really seen before on our virtual pages.

Reprogrammed stem cells could cause cancer

The use of reprogrammed stem cells for medical treatments is looking doubtful, with the discovery that such cells can lead to genomic abberations which could cause cancer.

Tiny projector could feature in cellphones

A projector small enough to be incorporated in a cellphone should be on the market next year.

Robot insect can fly, hop and perch

A Swiss robotics researcher has created a flying robot that can perch on walls or trees.