Renewable energy from scarred land

The potential for renewable energy to yield climate-change benefits is enormous – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t potentially negative environmental impacts from wind and solar (and all the rest) that need to part of the discussion.

Chevy Spark EV clinches EPA 82 mile range

GM has some good news to share today around its upcoming Spark EV, wich will go on sale this summer in California and Oregon around $25,000 after tax incentives.

Court deals blow to EPA over cellulosic biofuels

No fuel, no mandate: That was the gist of a U.S. court ruling overturning the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2012 mandate that refiners include 8.65 million gallons of cellulosic biofuel in their blends.

The Lexus 2013 CT 200h is a tricked-out luxury hybrid

Lexus recently unveiled plans for its 2013 CT 200h sporty luxury hybrid. 

2013 Ford C-MAX hybrid scores strong EPA MPG ratings

The push by Ford to dethrone Toyota as king of the hybrids continued this week with word of the forthcoming C-MAX Hybrid's official EPA miles per gallon ratings. 

Lexus 2013 ES 300h hybrid prices at nearly $39,000

Lexus, which has been teasing details of its forthcoming ES 300h hybrid that it first unveiled at the New York Auto Show in April, recently announced pricing for the vehicle set to debut next month.

EPA storms ahead on E15 despite threats from DC

For many years, most of the fuel we've been burning in our automobiles has included 10% ethanol to reduce the amount of petroleum consumed in the United States.

2012 fuel standards shirk cellulosic biofuels

The amount of biodiesel and biofuels in the US transportation fuel mix will increase again in 2012.

Study: US biofuels policy a fail

The U.S. government has thrown billions of dollars in support behind the biofuels industry, in the form of mandates and loan guarantees (and, again, here), in the hopes of weaning the country off foreign oil and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Turning dirty, tainted land into clean energy

Slowly but surely, renewable energy is gaining ground – leading some researchers to warn of "energy sprawl." 

Edison2 eVLC EV does 245MPGe - say what?

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first began using the Miles Per Gallon Gasoline Equivalent (MGPe) in the window stickers of early green vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt.

EPA wants to tighten up on polluting states

The Environmental Protection Agency has released its proposals for cutting smog-forming emissions from power plants. It wants to cut the power plant pollution from 31 'upwind' eastern states and the District of Columbia.

Americans start to care again about global warming

US concern over global warming is starting to rise again - good timing, perhaps, as the US Senate prepares to vote this week on whether to block the EPA from regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant.