Microsoft's Xbox iTV surprise

We've known for some time Apple was planning a spoiler party at MacWorld during CES to take the edge off Microsoft's Vista launch later that same month. Today Microsoft struck first by launching Xbox Live Video Marketplace their own iTV like offering with the Xbox 360 and folks that already have one, in effect get an iTV for free.

Best Buy cancels PS3 pre-orders

Gamers who pre-ordered their Sony PlayStation 3 through Best Buy will be getting their money back. The retail giant has cancelled all pre-orders and sent emails to customers saying, "Your preorder for the PlayStation 3 gaming system will be cancelled."

Man fired for downloading porn to be re-hired

An Australian employee commission has ordered NCR Australia to re-hire a man that was fired for downloading porn to his work computer. Mr. Budlong, an employee for 31 years, was fired last year after 175 pornographic images were found on his work laptop. The New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) ruled the firing was illegal because yearly Internet 'Code of Conduct' agreements signed by Budlong were too automatic to be binding.

Samsung to release more slim DLP RPTVs in 2007

Samsung Electronics is planning to launch more slim DLP (digital light processing) RPTVs (rear-projection TVs) next year, according to sources.

TwitchBlog: EA faffs about with crappy digital distribution system v2.0

So, EA has released a new version of its digital distribution system. Fearing spyware I had it downloaded to a random TG office machine that'll probably be taken apart and rebuilt in a week and, after playing around with the service for ten minutes, I already think of it exclusively as a poor mans Steam.

Wal-Mart lowering prices on gadgets

Wal-Mart is rolling back prices on dozens of televisions and gadgets in an effort to attract cooler shoppers. Televisions will have the deepest cuts with a Panasonic 42" HD plasma television selling for $1294 and an RCA 32" LCD HDTV for $847.

Save $20,000 on Panasonic's 103" plasma TV

Panasonic's 103" plasma TV recently became available for purchase on a number of U.S. websites. And apparently, the device isn't quite a hot seller, with even a limited supply resulting in ample availability on the web. As a result, prices for the TV already have dropped considerably, with most etailers offering a $20,000 discount: Instead of the suggested retail price of nearly $70,000, the TH-103PF9UK is offered for just under $50,000.

Nearly 40 games confirmed for PS3 online download service

Fresh off the heels of Nintendo's announced lineup of titles available for its Wii virtual console service, Sony has said that its own downloadable game platform for the upcoming PS3 console, is growing a respectable library as well, with "about 40" exclusive titles heading to the platform, says Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison.

NYC, LA stores chosen for official Wii launch parties

As Nintendo, retailers, and fans get ready for the approaching Wii launch, Nintendo today announced that the GameStop at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles, and the famous Toys R Us Times Square in New York City, will be hosts to the official Wii launch events.

Universal Studios claims to have the first true HD movie on HD DVD

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that the 5 December release of Miami Vice will mark the first HD DVD release of a movie that was shot in full high-definition. With features like Microsoft's HDi technology and TrueHD lossless sound, Miami Vice will be one of the most technologically superior movies on the HD DVD format, says Universal.

LGE to offer $150,000 LCD TV

LG Electronics (LGE) is scheduling the time for mass production in overseas market, the Korea-based company noted.

Nintendo Wii to make double the revenue of Sony PlayStation 3 at launch

I enjoy doing a bit of math in Google every now and again, and I just copped something amazing: The Nintendo Wii is going to have more than double the revenue of the Sony PlayStation 3 come November.

MySpace to block pirated audio and video clips

MySpace is partnering up with the Gracenote CD database to block pirated audio and video clips from member pages. The new system will scan uploaded content in addition to content already on member pages. Unauthorized files will be blocked and serious offenders will have their MySpace accounts deleted.

Stream uncompressed HD video with new wireless specification

Sunnyvale (CA) - A new wireless protocol spec promises to stream multiple uncompressed HD videos up to 33 feet away. The spec is being spearheaded by the Wireless HD group composed of several consumer electronic manufacturers that include LG, Matsushita, Samsung and Sony. While the spec isn't finalized yet, it will probably function in the 60 GHz band which can transfer at more than 25 Gbps allowing for two to three uncompressed 1080p streams.

62 titles announced for Wii by year end

Nintendo has announced a complete list of games that will be available for the Wii during its first five weeks after the release on 19 November. In total, 32 Wii games and 30 virtual console titles are slated for release by the end of the year.

Sega jumps on Nintendo's Wii virtual console reports that Sega of America has unleashed details of its plans to release classic games on Nintendo's virtual console download service to be offered on the Wii. Sega says ten of its games will be available by the end of the year at a price of $8 each.

Benq announces portable front projector

Benq recently announced the introduction of its newest professional DLP (digital-light processing) projector, MP510, with and MSRP of $499.

DVD playback comes back to Japanese Wii

According to, Nintendo is going to add DVD playback, a feature originally announced and then later cut out, to Wii units in Japan, as part of a special "enhanced" Wii model that will be released there some time next year.

Opinion: Should you buy a PC now or wait?

Buying a new PC looks much more interesting this Christmas than in many previous years. There are new and much more powerful and power-saving processors as well as new tech such as flash-based hard drives. And there is Windows Vista, which could be reason enough for some to ditch that old PC. Rob Enderle takes a closer look at Apple and Microsoft and has some food for thought.

Unreal Anthology ships

Midway Games, the publisher of the popular Unreal games series, today announced that it has shipped Unreal Anthology, a collection of four of the Unreal PC titles.