Microsoft snubs US gamers with "Japanese only" Xbox HD

Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a 250 GB hard-disk drive for the Xbox 360 on March 11, 2010.

Jobs blames Adobe Flash for crashing Macs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has allegedly blamed Adobe Flash for the majority of OS X crashes.

Even Hitler criticizes iPad's lack of Flash

 It seems the iPad adverts are telling iPorkies, pretending the much hyped device can actually handle Adobe Flash, even though it can’t.

Microsoft says the iPad is a "locked down" device

Microsoft has criticized the Apple iPad for being a "locked down" device.

Flashback! Atari relaunches 80's game console

The 80's are back! Yes, Atari has decided to relaunch its classic game console at a $30 price point.

Nintendo: Apple iPad is just a "bigger" iPod Touch

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has adopted an openly skeptical attitude towards Apple's recently unveiled iPad.

iPad madness reaches obscene levels

What's the most important news story in the world today? The Haiti earthquake, the possibility of peace talks with the Taliban or Tony Blair facing questioning in the inquiry into the invasion of Iraq? Don't be silly. It's a new consumer gadget from Apple.

Will iPad become PornPad?

Apple’s long anticipated iPad has been a long time in coming, and as reviewers from the Technorati weigh in on whether or not to buy one, the porn industry is also sizing up the device’s pros and cons.

iPad: Will you Still Want one in 2 or 3 months?

What is fascinating about a Steve Jobs event is that it almost doesn’t seem to matter what he presents - the folks at the event walk out like they have turned into Apple buying zombies.

The iPad and its Creator: A matter of watch, learn, perfect

After years of speculation, the Great Steve Jobs has finally revealed the Apple tablet. But let's be honest - the idea of the iPad isn't new and Apple does not nearly deserve the innovation credit given by the media.

MSI takes on Apple's iPad with Tegra-based tablet

MSI is reportedly preparing to launch a $500, Tegra-based tablet during the second half of 2010.

Cypress showcases "TrueTouch" capacitive touchscreen for tablet PCs

Cypress Semiconductor has demonstrated a tablet-sized capacitive touchscreen with unlimited finger tracking capability.

Serious gamers expected to snub Apple's iPad

At least two industry analysts have hypothesized that Apple's iPad is unlikely to be instantly embraced by either the hardcore or serious gaming community.

Fujitsu fights back over iPad name

Apple may well have a fight on its hands from Fujitsu, which has just remembered eight years later it still has a product called the iPad.

Mussolini app is Italian best-seller

A series of speeches by teeny fascist dictator Benito Mussolini has become the second-most popular iPhone app in Italy.

Zune phone is not a Zune phone

Here at TG Daily we like comparing Apples and Oranges, or at least Apple and Microsoft, and with all the buzz about the iPad, it seems Microsoft has been trying to generate a bit of its own buzziness with rumors of a Zune phone.

Apple details iPad tablet specs

Saint Steven Jobs has finally come down from the mountain top bearing Apple's "magical and revolutionary" tablet device.

Live (now dead) coverage: Apple introduces the iPad

Saint Steven Jobs has finally unveiled Apple's hallowed iPad tablet device.

Apple prototype tablet images hit the 'Net

Engadget has managed to obtain at least two images of what appears to be a  prototype Apple tablet, or what may be a tablet "bolted down" to a table.

Avatar is bad news for movie lovers

While the world struggles to find new adjectives to describe the wonderfulosity of James Cameron's 3D epic, Avatar, the more sober amongst us reckon that film lovers should be afraid - very afraid - of what its runaway success means.