Sony bundles feature films with Memory Stick Duos for PSP

Sony has started bundling feature films with some of their premium Memory Stick Duos. Entertainment Packs of the one and two GB versions of the Memory Stick Duos will include a DVD with four films: XXX State of the Union, Hitch, The Grudge and S.W.A.T. The films can be unlocked and played on - and only on - a PSP.

Unreal developer says Intel integrated graphics bad for gaming

Mark Rein, vice president of Unreal studio Epic, told a packed audience of game developers that Intel's integrated graphics is bad for the gaming industry.

Warner Home Video announces four Blu-ray titles for 1 August

Today, Warner Home Video announced its initial roster of four movie releases for the Blu-ray format, for general availability on 1 August. By our count, Warner has announced or released 37 titles for the HD DVD format, which was the first the studio originally supported.

Will Sony PlayStation 3 dry up supply of blue laser diodes for Blu-ray?

The Chinese-language Commercial Times has reported, and DigiTimes has backed up, that Lite-On IT, which produces Blu-ray disc burners under the BenQ brand as well as its own, expressed concerns as to whether Sony, the principal supplier of blue-laser diodes for Blu-ray components, will be able to produce enough diodes to meet demand from it and other suppliers.

Sony pulls 'black vs. white' PSP ad campaign after racism complaints

From Reuters

EverQuest players get a new race in the Serpent's Spine Expansion pack

EverQuest, the popular online fantasy role-playing game, is getting a new expansion pack. Sony Online Entertainment has announced "The Serpent's Spine" expansion for EverQuest which includes the first new race in three years. EverQuest fans will be able to play the Drakkin which are a curious blend of human and dragon. A new starting city, Crescent Ranch, will be included along with new higher level content.

Prey now available in stores for Xbox 360 and PC

Prey, the first person shooter that allows players to walk on walls and fight in spirit mode, is now available in stores for both the Xbox 360 and the PC. As we reported a few weeks ago Prey is based on a modified Doom 3 engine and one of the year's most widely anticipated games. Click here to see the Prey slide show ...

World's largest plasma TV goes on sale

If you have been dreaming about watching that Big Game, Matsushita can make that game even bigger.

"Now son, are you sure this will work on your PC?" Mam, it's an Xbox game...

I like restaurants when they're quiet, like when you've left a movie at 11 pm and you slip in for a plate of chips (fries, yank.) But I absolutely, completely and utterly, unequivocally, bloody well hate them during peak times, such as during lunch.

Blizzard looking to hire a console programmer

Could World of Warcraft or Starcraft: Ghost be coming to a game console near you? Blizzard, the makers of WoW and Starcraft, is looking for an experienced console programmer. The job ad, titled Next-Gen Senior Engine Programmer, is currently on Blizzard's website.

No surprise if Nintendo Wii beats Sony PS3 to shelves

Recent reports saying that Nintendo may launch its next-generation game console, the Wii, ahead of Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) is no surprise because the Wii is not as complicated as the PS3 or Microsoft's Xbox 360 in terms of specification and functions, and therefore, is much easier to produce, according to sources at Taiwan-based game console components makers.

JVC ships 120 Hz LCD TVs to the US

JVC has announced two high definition LCD televisions that produce images at 120 frames each second. This framerate is double what normal televisions can produce and JVC promises the higher frequency will reduce blurring and ghost images common to normal televisions. The 37" LT-37X987 and the 32" LT-32X987 will both sport 1366 by 768 pixels (progressive)resolution and come with a multitude of inputs.

Nintendo's Wii may get early launch

Nintendo has stated numerous times that its next generation video game machine will be less expensive than the competition. Now it appears that it might be on store shelves considerably earlier than many were expecting as well.

EA ships The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II for Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 gets its first Lord of the Rings videogame with the release of Electronic Arts' "The Battle for Middle-earth II". The company said that it has begun shipping the game to stores nationwide today and expects the game to become available for purchase on 7 July. The Battle for Middle-earth II slide show

Prices for 40" LCD TVs to fall below $2000 by year-end

Prices for 40" LCD TVs are expected to drop to $1983 during the fourth quarter of this year, according to today's Chinese-language Commercial Times , citing data from Displaysearch.

There's No Such Thing As Enough Hype In Gaming

If there is one thing that video games are not particularly good at doing, it is convincing storylines. If there is one thing that the video game industry likes to think that it is good at meanwhile, it is raising a pot of boiling hype around even the most lackluster of games.