HP and Microsoft crash Apple’s tablet party

Hewlett Packard has crashed Apple’s noisy tablet party by offering a detailed glimpse of its own shiny Slate device on YouTube.

Everything everybody doesn't know about the Apple Tablet

Think you know everything about the engimatic Apple tablet? Well, think again, because there is a lot you probably don't. And there a lot of people guessing the answers. Here's our roundup of the latest and greatest Apple tablet speculation.

Engage! Bioware launches Mass Effect 2

Bioware's long-awaited Mass Effect 2 has received rave reviews from a number of prominent journalists, including Ben Kuchera of Ars Technia who described the game as "richly woven" and "utterly" fascinating.

What's the Apple Tablet? It will be well designed

The New Scientist has an interesting take on the launch of Apple's by now very renowned tablet PC - it's pieced together a number of patents that suggest just what kind of a machine it is. Then we can add to the speculative mix all that stuff on Flurry yesterday about  the kind of applications that are likely to be used.

HP takes on iTunes with MusicStation store

HP is squaring up to Apple and its iTunes music store with a plan to offer an unlimited music service in Europe.

Apple caught playing games on overhyped tablet

A mobile apps tracking firm known as Flurry Analytics has claimed that Apple recently tested 150 games on its overhyped tablet device. 

Serial iPhone jailbreaker claims massive PS3 hack

Serial iPhone jailbreaker George Hotz claims to have hacked Sony's Playstation 3 in just five short weeks.

Pay it with Facebook

After years of trying to come up with a half decent revenue model to justify its billions of dollars of “worth”, it seems Facebook is turning to agriculture to make some moolah. And when we say agriculture, we mean, of course, Farmville.

Nvidia says 3D gaming is right here, right now

An Nvidia spokesperson, reacting to another story on TG Daily, told us that 3D gaming was a hot "reality" which had been warmly embraced by the multiplayer community.

Ballmer signs off on Apple macBookPro

It doesn’t take much to send Microsoft’s CEO, Barmy Ballmer, off the edge, but the Redmond chief handled a recent situation at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tenn like a pro. A MacBook Pro, that is.

Halo: Reach pushes Xbox 360 to the limit

The creative director of Halo: Reach has confirmed that the game will push the Xbox 360 to the limits of its current processing capabilities.

Report: Apple chooses AT&T and Verizon to bear its Holy Tablet

Apple has reportedly chosen AT&T and Verizon to bear its Holy Tablet to the adoring masses.

Tetris hits 100 million downloads

We at TGD have found ourselves dreaming about those little falling blocks, so it comes as no surprise that Tetris is now the best-selling mobile game of all time.

Vimeo follows YouTube to launch HTML 5 video player

In quick succession, YouTube and Vimeo have launched HTML 5 video players, removing the need for many users to use Flash.

Magical Apple tablet can also play games

The magical Apple tablet created by Saint Steven Jobs and his dedicated team of silicon alchemists has apparently been shown to high-level executives at Electronic Arts. 

Pokémon freak hits Guinness Book of Records

A 21-year-old British woman has been recognised as the biggest collector of Pokémon memorabilia in the world, having accumulated 12,113 different items over 13 years.

Toyota goes short circuit with robots for the aged

Robots, it would appear, are clunking their way back into fashion this year, and not just as sexual companions, but also as automated carers for the elderly – or so believes Japanese car maker, Toyota, who is ready to cash in on the whole robotic rabble.

Shock! American kids are addicted to the Internet

A recently report published by the Kaiser Family Foundation has confirmed an already known fact: American kids are hopelessly addicted to the Internet and other forms of entertainment media. 

Steamy success for gamer who sold account on Ebay

Some people, it seems, can simply make money out of vapor – or, to be more precise, out of Steam – as one now ex gamer discovered when he offered up hisSteam account on eBay for a cool $1000 and managed to flog it.

Sony postpones launch of new 3D motion controller

Sony has postponed the launch of its still unnamed motion controller to late 2010.