Gloomy outlook for HD DVD, Blu-ray based on old report, says its author

The author of a report cited in yesterday's USA Today as evidence of a weak high-definition DVD market, told TG Daily today that report was two months old.

Electronic Arts announces Battlefield: Bad Company for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Why go to war for honor, when you can do it for revenge and riches. Electronic Arts has announced Battlefield: Bad Company, a darker and more self-centered addition to the World War II Battlefield series. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game will follow a group of renegade soldiers who are dropped behind enemy lines. EA promises that 90 percent of the battlefield will be destructible.

LCD TV shipments surge despite economic potholes :NPD

A report by NPD analyst unit DisplaySearch published yesterday states worldwide shipments of LCD TVs rose during the usually less vigorous spring quarter of the year by an astonishing 28% over the first quarter, and 135% over Q2 2005. Perhaps more astonishing, high North American sales were to credit for the boost, up 48% over the prior year.

Sony claims PS3 shortages are inevitable

Less than three months before the scheduled tri-continent launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 console, SCEA president Kaz Hirai has stated that retail shortages in each territory are inevitable.

Samsung preps 70" high-end LCD TV panel for 2007

Seoul (Korea) - Screens for home theaters can't be large enough and if your 50" or 65" has become too mainstream then Samsung will soon be offering an upgrade opportunity: 70" TVs with full HD resolution will become available next year.

Electronic Arts adopts Unreal 3 engine for upcoming titles

Electronic Arts has licensed Epic Games' Unreal 3 Engine for upcoming titles.

HD DVD outsells Blu-ray at lower revenues

HD DVD players posted a more successful launch than its Blu-ray rival, at least in terms of the number of players sold.

Intel's digital-home Bearlake G+ to support HDMI and HDCP in Q3 2007

Delivering its Bearlake chipset family to the market in the second quarter of 2007, Intel will begin with the Bearlake-P variant, which targets the mainstream market, and the Bearlake-G chipset that includes an integrated graphics processor (IGP), indicated motherboard makers familiar with Intel's chipset roadmap.

Shuttle develops XPC-based car information system

Taiwan-based small-form-factor (SFF) PC specialist Shuttle appeared at the first standalone CarTronics show this weekend at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), introducing its new R&D project, which targets the car-electronics market.

Microsoft boasts healthy attachment rates for Xbox 360

Microsoft has published a new set of stats for the Xbox 360, revealing healthy attachment rates for software and accessories and a high download rate for Xbox Live Marketplace.

Wii for November under $250, and it "won't have hidden fees or costs"

There you have it folks, if there was even a shred of doubt that Nintendo might pursue the Xbox Live option of levying charges on (at least certain aspects of) online gameplay, the records been set straight by the Regginator after having spoken with USA Today.

Will Blu-ray sink the PlayStation 3?

See pictures of the PS3 and other Blu-ray Disc players ...

Vizio launches two HD 42" LCD TVs

US-based V Incorporated today announced the addition of two Vizio 42" high-definition high-definition LCD TVs (L42 and GV42L).

Samsung shifts away from 32" TV panel production

With Samsung Electronics putting more effort into the 40" and above LCD TV panel segments, Taiwan panel makers including AU Optronics (AUO), Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) and Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) are expected to benefit by filling the gap in the 32" segment, industry sources stated.

XNA game development platform will be free for Windows, $99 for Xbox

As an attempt to re-create the spirit of individual initiative that marked the late 1970s and early 1980s in computer gaming, Microsoft announced this morning it will be making an Express edition of its XNA game development platform available to prospective developers for the same price it charges for all its other Express platforms: zero.

Increased component shipments a good sign for the LCD TV industry

Rising demand in the LCD TV market drove up shipments sharply from component suppliers Logah Technology and SPI Electronic in July.

E3: Los Angeles Is Dead. All Hail E3: Las Vegas

It was bound to happen. We predicted it would happen. It's happening... E3 has been shrunk down to size, and now somebody else wants to replace it with a new show, exactly the same as the old one. Big, glitzy, expensive, and ultimately self-defeating. Possibly not in the first year, or even in the second, but eventually it'll just become the untenable thing that E3 was this year.

Driv3r was "a half-baked product", says Atari exec

Atari's sales and marketing VP, Nique Fajors, has slammed the third instalment in the publisher's Driver series - just weeks after the franchise was sold off to Ubisoft.

EA to release FIFA 07 on 3 October

Electronic Arts (EA) today announced an series of league licensing renewals for its upcoming soccer game FIFA 07. The game, scheduled to launch on 3 October, will be showcasing athletes not only in the game, but seven well-known players in marketing campaigns as well.

'Bully' hits schoolyard, for good or bad

Boarding school student Jimmy Hopkins is either a good kid with a penchant for bad behavior or a delinquent who sometimes does the right thing. It all depends on what you decide.