Amazon opens digital video download store has officially launched its digital video download service, Amazon Unbox, which reportedly will allow customers to watch movies on their PC in DVD quality. According to the company, more than 30 movie studios and TV networks have already confirmed plans to provide content to Unbox.

MSI preps Bluetooth audio transmitter for Ipods

Chicago (IL) - Micro Star International (MSI) has received FCC approval for a Bluetooth audio transmitter that will enable users of Ipods and other MP3 players as well as other devices with audio jacks to wirelessly stream music to Bluetooth-enabled headsets. The "FS320" package comes with an Ipod Nano-sized transmitter, an audio cable with 3.5 mm input, an USB-based charger as well as drivers and other software on a CD.

Sony drastically cuts PS3 launch allocation

Tokyo (Japan) - Problems with the production of Blu-ray's blue laser diode forced Sony to cut the launch availability of its next generation video game console Playstation 3 from 2 million to 500,000 units worldwide, according to report published by AP today.

Sony increases outsourcing LCD TVs

Facing the fast falling ASP (average selling price) for LCD TV panels and competitive LCD TV market, Sony now has to place more orders with LCD TV makers to gain more profits, according to sources.

Playstation 3 will not include HDMI cable

Buyers of the upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 won't be getting an important cable. According to the official US Sony Playstation 3 website, the new console will not include an HDMI cable. An HDMI cable will be required for those who want to watch Blu-ray discs at 1080p resolution and for others who want the best quality picture on their digital television sets.

Playstation 2 price cut announced in Japan

With the release of the Playstation 3 looming, Sony today announced that they will be reducing the price of the Playstation 2 consoles in Japan, effective 15 September.

Samsung releases LED LCD TV and full HD LCD TVs

Samsung Electronics recently announced the release of a 40" LCD TV with LED backlight technology, along with 40" and 46" LCD TVs with full high-definition TV (HDTV) functionality.

Xbox Live downloads top 50 million

Redmond (WA) - Larry Hryb, the director of programming at Xbox Live, recently posted on his blog that the number of logged downloads on the Xbox Live marketplace have passed the 50 million mark. Just three months ago, that number was 25 million.

EA's Madden NFL scores $100 million in revenues in first week.

More than two million boxes of Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 07 were sold within the first weeks after launch.

20th Century-Fox will finally join Warner, releasing Blu-ray titles

UPDATE 31 August 2006 2:25 pm ET Los Angeles (CA) - There has never been any doubt that 20th Century-Fox has been firmly entrenched in the Blu-ray camp, as one of that technology's more outspoken supporters. But unlike Sony - seen as Blu-ray's caretaker, and the parent of Columbia, Tri-Star, and MGM - 20th has held out on announcing actual titles and release dates for the format. That changed this morning, with 20th's announcement of eight titles for US release on 14 November, and a ninth the following week.

Microsoft releases 'Build your own Xbox 360 games' Beta

Microsoft today released the download of the first Beta of XNA Game Studio Express, a software that will allow any user with some programming talent to create games for the Xbox 360 game console. A writer of the "XNA Team Blog" said that the purpose of the release is to "start getting feedback on what we'll be releasing."

Vivendi tries to turn SpiralFrog into a music prince

Vivendi's Universal Music Group (UMG) is trying to turn startup SpiralFrog into a music prince by offering its entire backlog of songs for free download. The songs will be downloadable after users agree to watching some advertisements. Both UMG and SpiralFrog hope the partnership will break Apple iTunes' grip on the downloadable music market.

FCC approves Microsoft's wireless racing wheel for Xbox 360

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today approved Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel with force feedback. There are few details about the device available so far and the FCC followed Microsoft's request not to publish pictures and the user manual of the device within the next 45 days. Until the release of the wheel, presumably just in time for the Christmas season, our information will be limited to pictures released earlier this year.

Verizon launches PlayLinc in-game messaging to compete with Xfire

In perhaps the one arena where service provider Verizon aims to directly compete with content provider Viacom, Verizon launched its own in-game messaging and advertising platform yesterday, in conjunction with a new team of developers called Super Computer International, Inc.

EA announces Burnout 5 for PS3, Xbox 360

Electronic Arts has announced the fifth edition of its popular racing and destruction game Burnout. Burnout 5 will be made for the Xbox 360 and the upcoming PlayStation 3 consoles. EA promises less menu jumping and more destruction, even boasting that gamers can literally, "rip their cars in half".

Blu-ray and HD-DVD to freeze competition until 2007 due to laser diode shortage

Since manufacturers of blue laser diodes are still unable to improve yield rates, the shortage may result in pushing back the competition between Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD-DVD optical disc drives in the market to the first quarter of 2007, according to sources at optical disc drive (ODD) manufacturers.

Nintendo launches pink and black versions of DS Lite

Nintendo will begin selling its portable game system DS Lite in two new colors beginning 13 Sept.

LGE unveils 60" single scan PDP

LG Electronics (LGE) announced on August 20 that the company has successfully developed a 60" HD plasma display panel (PDP) featuring single scan technology, according to the Korean-language Electronic Times .

Small Mississippi town goes crazy for EA's Madden '07 football game

The new Madden '07 NFL video football game is making one small Mississippi town crazy enough to declare a holiday. Madden, Mississippi officials declared Tuesday "Madden NFL Day' in celebration of the game's release. Microsoft and Electronic Arts bused in 3,500 people from surround schools and even gave the town's 74 households a free Xbox 360 and a copy of the game.

ATI announces new TV Cards

ATI Technologies announced two new TV cards on Monday.