Toshiba releases 'second-gen' HD-DVD players

Toshiba has fired another salvo in the war between the competing high-definition DVD formats by releasing a new range of HD-DVD players in the US.

Samsung to fix Blu-ray image problem

Samsung Electronics moved Thursday to address image quality concerns noted by some reviewers of its high-definition Blu-ray disc player, the first on the market, saying it would make production changes.

Pioneer unveils new digital tuner-supported HDD/DVD recorders

Pioneer announced the introduction of a series of new digital tuner-supported DVD recorders for the Japanese market.

Hitachi busts out new LCD, plasma HDTVs

Hitachi today announced that its latest line of TVs, the 2006 Director's Line, has begun shipping to retailers across the country. Included in the series are plasma and LCD high-definition TVs with sizes of up to 55 inches.

Analysis: Who will be buying a Nintendo Wii?

Chicago (IL) - With the last of the three next-gen game consoles finally being announced, more game enthusiasts will be looking more seriously into which console offers the most value. Nintendo hopes that it will not only keep its existing base, but pick up the mainstream crowd and, here and there, Playstation and Xbox gamers.

New Slingbox in the works

Sling Media has received approval from the FCC for a new version of its media streaming console Slingbox. Currently titled the "Slingbox A/V," it comes with audio/video cable inputs on the side to allow streaming of recorded content from external sources like a DVR or DVD player.

Nintendo Wii to launch on 19 November for $250

Chicago (IL) - At a widely anticipated press event in New York City today, Nintendo announced release details of its next video game console, the Wii. The system will launch on November 19 and will carry a retail price of $250. See the Nintendo Wii slide show here (5 pictures)

Infrant moves upmarket with 3 TB, $4K media server

Infrant Technologies today announced a "virtually silent" media server targeted at the audio/visual enthusiast home theater market.

BenQ to offer super-slim 7.2-megapixel digital camera model X720

BenQ will offer a 7.2-megapixel digital camera, model X720, claimed to be the world's slimmest in the 7.0-megapixel and above range, with the launch scheduled for late next month and the recommended retail price yet to be determined, according to the company.

TG Video - Futuremark shows off mobile benchmark on phones and PDAs

Los Angeles (CA) - Desktops and laptops can usually display video at decent framerates, but what about smaller mobile phones and PDAs? According to Futuremark, these diminutive gadgets now have enough graphical power to run intensive games, and they have a benchmark to prove it.

Sony to release new PSP bundle

As the holiday season fast approaches, Sony is set to launch a new bundle pack for its PSP handheld. The pack will be released this month and is called the PSP Entertainment Bundle.

Microsoft to offer Xbox 360 with built-in HD-DVD drive

Microsoft has started designing a new-generation of Xbox 360's equipped with an internal HD-DVD drive and is selecting manufacturers in Taiwan to build the drive, according to sources in Taiwan's optical disc drive (ODD) industry.

Tivo enters HD age with Series 3 DVR

TiVo today announced details and availability of latest set top box. The Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder is the first TiVo recorder to capture and present video in high definition from your cable connection, and according to the company, the world's only digital media recorder with THX certification.

Adobe updates Photoshop and Premiere Elements software

Adobe today announced new versions of their Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements software Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 will be available later this year.

First mini HDMI cable announced

Accell claims to be the first cable manufacturer that is offering a HDMI mini compatible cable. HDMI mini, which was announced on 22 June of this year, offers the same feature set as HDMI 1.3 through a more compact connector that is expected to be integrated into consumer electronics such as digital still and video cameras. Accell said that the mini HDMI cable will eb available in 7-ft length. Pricing and availability were not announced.

JVC to release 1080p projector with 10,000:1 contrast ratio

JVC said it has developed a new display technology for high-definition home projectors that can deliver a native contrast ratio of 10,000:1. The technology will also offer a brightness of 800 lumens and 1080p resolution (1920x1080 progressive). JVC said that it will offer the first 10,000:1 1080p projector early next year. If you are planning to upgrade your home theater with such a device, be prepared to spend about $7000.

Project Gotham Racing 4 dated by Peugeot

Microsoft will release Project Gotham Racing 4 on Xbox 360 towards the end of 2007 or in the first half of 2008, according to car manufacturer Peugeot.

Fantasy site Second Life exposes user data

Second Life, the fast-growing online site where hundreds of thousands of people play out fantasy lives online, has suffered a computer security breach that exposed the real-world personal data of its users.

Star Trek is 40!

Star Trek celebrates a big birthday today. 40 years ago, on 8 September 1966, the first episode of the science fiction series was broadcasted in the U.S.

Microsoft releases cheaper Xbox

Microsoft says that it will release a cut-price version of its Xbox 360 video game console in Japan.