Robot Combat League brings the mechanical beatdown

A long time ago, I used to watch a show called Robot Wars that featured  little remote-controlled 'bots.

Double Fine Adventure clinches $1.2 million in crowd sourced funding

If you have a good idea you can try to rack up funding and more to help bring your concept to market via Kickstarter.

The asteroids of Eon

One of the things I like about a really good science fiction novel is that it never seems to go out of style and doesn't feel outdated, even if times have obviously changed since the story was first written. 

House introduces controversial anti-piracy act

Calls to strengthen the ability of the federal government to regulate Internet content has been renewed, with the House Judiciary Committee introducing new legislation aimed at halting online piracy.

Why Hulu should sell ASAP

For a while Hulu was the place to go for entertainment on the Internet. But now the company really needs to hurry up and sell while its perceived value is still high.

Hulu gets 1M subscribers before end of summer

Hulu is adding paying subscribers faster than they had anticipated.

Hulu considers putting itself up for sale

Insiders familiar with Hulu are saying that the streaming video service is considering selling itself after receiving an unsolicited takeover offer.

Do you really need a tablet?

Sure, the iPad is one tricked-out device, but do you really need a tablet - Apple or otherwise?

Friendster to delete user info as part of site overhaul

Ancient social gaming network Friendster is planning a relaunch, and is warning users that all their content will be deleted at the end of May as a result.

Analysis: It’s confirmed, radio is full of voice actors and fake calls

Have you heard an interesting on-air call on a radio show recently? It probably wasn’t real.

Charlie Sheen bringing his madness to Detroit

Charlie Sheen is bringing his warlock to Detroit. He has enough tiger blood for everyone who will attend his gig at the Fox Theatre.  

Myspace relaunches with entertainment focus

In a final attempt to claw users back from Facebook, Myspace has redesigned its website and says it plans to focus on its core user base of teenagers and young adults.

Playboy goes 3D with naked June centerfold

The June edition of Playboy magazine is scheduled to hit the stores this Friday with a naked, 3D centerfold.

Report: Microsoft and LG team up for 3D gaming

Microsoft and LG have reportedly entered into a memorandum of understanding to jointly market the latter's new 3D televisions alongside 3D-enabled Xbox 360 games in the Asia Pacific region.

Project Natal to launch in October

Microsoft's Project Natal motion-sensing games controller for the Xbox 360 will launch in October, an executive revealed on Saudi TV.

Marvel is in fact interested in 3D movies

Although Marvel's film studios specifically decided not to incorporate 3D into Iron Man 2, they will step into the big cinema craze with future productions.

Activision thinks PS3 will outsell Xbox 360 this year

In a report detailing its forecast for the rest of the year, Activision said it expects that for the first time, PS3 sales will eclipse that of its rival, the Xbox 360, in the US.

Nintendo to fight software piracy in 3D

Nintendo has announced plans to implement advanced anti-piracy measures in its upcoming 3D handheld device to prevent the unauthorized distribution of games.

Quake 3 frags the Nexus One

Are you ready to frag? Yes? Well, so are we - with Quake 3 on the Nexus One!

Obama criticizes generation iPad

US president Barack Obama has criticized the iPad and Xbox 360 for transforming relevant information into a "diversion" and putting "new pressures" on democracy.