Dell goes private in effort to refocus

Michael Dell has announced plans to buy back his eponymous company after 25 years on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

Android and Apple won't dominate mobile forever

The global installed base of smartphones is expected to total 1.4 billion by the end of 2013, with 57% of handsets running on Android and 21% on iOS.

Enterprise space shuttle exhibit opens in NYC

Thousands of people are expected to show up for the first day that NASA's Enterprise shuttle goes on display to the public.

On the generations of Star Trek

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane wants to bring Star Trek back to television for a new generation of young fans and older Trekkies who fondly remember the original series, TNG, Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise.

Oh Captain: Jonathan Archer

Ship’s captains have been an important part of genre fiction for a long time. Thusly, in our first genre feature series, we’re looking at ship’s captains. Today’s captain is Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise.

Enterprise first With Chevy Volt rental

Among the rental car companies, Hertz has been making the most noise lately about getting electric vehicles (EVs) into its fleet, but Enterprise just managed a small coup: The company announced it would be first to offer the Chevy Volt extended-range EV for rental.

Is Apple's iPad ready for the enterprise?

Apple's wildly successful iPad has been embraced by consumers all over the world. But is the sleek and sexy tablet ready to take on corporate America?

Android enterprise adoption accelerates

Corporate America is enthusiastically embracing Google's popular mobile OS, with ChangeWave tracking an impressive five-fold increase in Android's (corporate) market share over the past nine months.

Android snipes at RIM and iOS in enterprise market battle

Verizon has launched a potentially lucrative initiative to equip all of its Android devices with improved enterprise-grade security and management tools.

Microsoft rolls out yet another mobile OS

Microsoft has introduced yet another mobile operating system targeted at businesses and enterprise users.

Microsoft shifts desktop management to the Cloud

Microsoft has introduced a cloud-based service designed to simplify the remote management of desktop PCs. 

Corporate America loses control of social networking

Suits, ties and drones beware! A recent study has concluded that social media usage in corporate America is "fast outpacing" its system of rigid control. 

Logic Instruments intros world's most rugged UMPC

The shock-resistant, military-grade, extreme-temperature-functional FieldBook from Logic Instruments is the self-proclaimed most rugged mobile PC in the world.

iPad wanted for work over play

The iPad will part the waters of the enterprise, and release the pent up frustrations of many, many IT managers. For verily, they will have a device that they won't be able to fix, open up, or throw at their users. It will just be. Be.