Air Force ups wave power efficiency to 99 percent

Air Force researchers say they've managed to harness more than 99 percent of wave energy.

Will renewables overtake fossils by 2030?

Developing economies such as China, Russia, India and Brazil currently account for around 50 percent of the world's energy consumption.

How to convert waste heat into energy

Waste heat, the byproduct of all kinds of machinery and processes, has long been seen as a potential source of energy - if only the capture-and-convert process could be made more efficient. 

Hybrid device harvests energy from light and heat

In the future, battery-powered gadgets and gizmos may seem as archaic as old-fashioned wind-up toys. 

Hawaii and GM plan ahead for hydrogen cars

Watch out, Hawaii Five-O, here comes H2I-the Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative, a plan aimed at integrating hydrogen as an essential building block for Hawaii’s sustainable energy future.

In search of sustainable energy

Talk about a buzz kill: A team of MBA students has found that fuzzy and often misguided policy, technical roadblocks, affordability issues and out-of-tune leadership all add up to a challenging landscape for investment in sustainable energy.

Hydrinos a pie in the sky clean energy?

It isn't every day an announcement heralding confirmation of a new process for producing vast amounts of cheap energy comes over the transom. So, skepticism is in order.

A new source of energy: tapping electricity from the air

Brazilian scientists believe they have found a way of tapping electricity direct from the air - and preventing lightning strikes at the same time.

Bluetooth 4 spec reduces energy consumption by 90%

Bluetooth has approved a next-gen spec that will allow future wireless devices to operate for years on just a tiny, button-sized battery.

Phillips touts 12 watt LED bulb as incandescent replacement

Phillips has introduced a 12 watt LED bulb that could eventually replace the ubiquitous 60 watt incandescent bulb.

GreenPeace criticizes iPad's large carbon footprint

GreenPeace has expressed its concern over the iPad's rather potentially large carbon footprint.

LHC sets new speed record

The large Hadron Collider (LHC) has set a new record, accelerating particles to the highest speed yet.