Artificial icebergs could turn ocean garbage patch into energy

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a silent yet powerful reminder that human wastefulness is killing our planet. 

New biofuel process offers vast efficiency boost

A new biofuel production process is claimed to produce more than 20 times as much energy than existing methods.

Predicting waves could double ocean energy capture

Surfers spend half their time on the water sitting upright on their boards, scanning the horizon for the next suitable wave.

March solar flare was strongest yet seen

The solar flare which erupted on March 7 was the most powerful eruption ever observed by Fermi's Large Area Telescope (LAT).

Apple bows to pressure over renewable energy

If you want to get Apple to do something, try dressing up as a giant iPhone. It's worked for Greenpeace, whose campaign against the company's reliance on 'dirty power' has succeeded.

Solar lily concept has energy sitting pretty

ZM Architecture imagines that its approximately 100-foot diameter constructs are anchored to the riverbed and turned via integrated motors that function as the equivalent of solar tracking devices used on land.

On energy and environment, Americans want it all

A new poll from Gallup shows the American public generally backing a comprehensive - and perhaps contradictory - array of methods for resolving energy and environmental issues.

Top energy innovators put DOE labs to work

From hydrogen fuel cell storage systems to next-generation solar windows and more efficient computing to marine power tech, a whole lot of significant green breakthroughs have occurred in our national laboratories. 

Renewables will bring golden age of free energy

Most people understand that once solar panels are paid off, the energy they provide is free. But what about on a national level? 

Subways could soon be a source of energy

Subway systems consume enormous amounts of energy. To further complicate things, they usually require energy in short, intense jolts. 

Lab-grown meat could slash greenhouse emissions

Growing meat in the lab using tissue engineering techniques could cut the associated greenhouse gas emissions by 96 percent, say University of Oxford and University of Amsterdam scientists.

China takes lead in renewable energy investment

China's now the world's biggest investor in green energy, according to the latest annual report on renewable energy investment trends from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

Device harvests energy from ambient TV signals

Researchers have created a new energy-harvesting device that can draw power from sources such as radio and television transmitters, cell phone networks and satellite communications systems.

Multiferroic alloy turns waste heat to energy

Engineering researchers at the University of Minnesota have discovered a new alloy capable of converting heat directly into electricity. 

Doctors: Stay away from energy drinks

You may have already seen this coming. Doctors have provided evidence to back up many people’s suspicions: energy drinks are bad for you.

Team improves supercapacitor performance for better energy storage

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have created a greatly enhanced supercapacitor, improving energy storage in everything from energy grids and electric cars to consumer electronics.

Solar chair produces energy while you chill

Soft rock is all the rage these days on the MIT campus - SOFT Rockers, that is, a functional art installation by the institute’s school of architecture students, led by professor Sheila Kennedy.

China's energy consumption should stabilize soon

Despite the way China's economy continues to expand, its energy use is likely to level off in the next couple of decades, say researchers at Berkeley Lab.

Geologists tap magma as high-grade energy source

Geologists have been testing a technique to generate energy from magma, after molten rock unexpectedly flowed into an exploratory well they'd been drilling in Iceland.

Geothermal energy or solar power?

You think the Nevada desert, you think solar power. But that's not the case at Pahrump Valley High School, about 50 miles west of Las Vegas. 

The school, scheduled to open in 2012, is being built with a geothermal heat pump (GHP).