An Epic Fall Movie Preview

It’s been a rough summer for movies, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the year is going suck. In fact, there could be some big box office windfalls this Fall with the next Hunger Games movie, the next big Marvel installment, and a potential sleeper hit with the sci-fi film Gravity.

Enders Game Author Puts His Foot In It (Again!)

There’s little doubt that Ender’s Game is going to be one of the biggest movies of the fall. It’s a beloved sci-fi novel that’s had a loyal following for many years, and the fans have been anticipating a movie adaptation for a long time.

Harrison Ford to Go From Enders Game to the Expendables

The Expendables is pretty much the Love Boat for action stars: A place where the washed up can still get a gig. And yes, Harrison Ford may be past his glory days, but we are genuinely surprised to learn he’s coming aboard the Sly Stallone franchise, replacing Bruce Willis. 

Fighting For Ender's Game

The news is all over the place about Ender’s Game, and the controversy surrounding the film. The adaptation of one of the most popular science fiction books in recent memory is highly anticipated among geeks, but many are in an uproar about Orson Scott Card’s views against gay marriage.

The Enders Game Controversy Continues

At TGD, we’ve been anxiously following the production and upcoming release of Ender’s Game, which sci-fi fans have been eagerly anticipating for decades. The trailer looks good, and it’s got a real shot at being the genre event of the year. However, there is a controversy with Ender’s Game that won’t go away, and it could cause the film a lot of trouble: Author Orson Scott Card’s anti-gay marriage stance. 

Ender's Game trailer about to drop

Harrison Ford is not what you’d call an excitable guy. Actually, a lot of times when you see him in interviews, you wonder how soon he’ll nod off and fall asleep.

Ben Kingsley ready to tear it up in Iron Man 3 and Enders Game

Lately, you can't help but get the feeling that quite a lot of serious, award winning actors secretly want to do a geek role.

Anticipating Ender's Game

This summer we have two highly anticipated genre films that the fans have been waiting for forever: Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3.

The Superman-Card controversy

When it comes to genre worship, enthusiasm and sincerity is all that really matters, not the color of your skin, nationality, or sexual preference.