How are human emotions mapped in the body?

Researchers at Aalto University have determined how emotions are experienced in the body.

Humans may be becoming less intelligent

A new study suggests that humans may be (slowly) losing our intellectual and emotional abilities because they're at risk from mutation or loss from the genome.

Teaching software spots bored or bewildered pupils

New teaching software responds to pupils' emotional states and is so effective it out-performs novice human teachers.

Creepy marketeers monitor your brainwaves with EmBand

Sophisticated headgear portrayed in science fiction movies is often used to translate or manipulate thoughts.

Dialing some phone numbers affects emotional state

Dial '5683' on your phone: how does it make you feel?

Boffin develops satnav that knows when you're getting cross

There can be few satnav owners who haven't been tempted to throw the thing out of the car window as that patronisingly calm voice tells them to 'turn around where possible' for the umpteenth time.