Scientists work to resurrect extinct frog

A team of Australian scientists has managed to grow embryos containing the revived DNA of the extinct gastric-brooding frog, a species that incubated the prejuvenile stages of their offspring in the stomach of the mother.

Sharks play dead before they're even born

Embryonic sharks, still within the egg, can sense danger and freeze toavoid being detected by predators, say marine scientists at the University of Western Australia.

Research on human corpses puts paid to 'exploding dinosaur' theory

For years, scientists have puzzled over the skeleton of a pregnant ichthyosaur which, while in good condition itself, was surrounded by the scattered bones of its unborn offspring.

Baby monkeys created by 'mixing' embryos

Researchers have produced the first 'chimeric' monkeys, created from stem cells from two or more separate embryos.

European stem-cell research under threat

Leading medical scientists say they are appalled by a ruling from a French judge that they say threatens the development of embryonic stem cell-based therapies.