Leahy denies supporting warrantless email surveillance

Senator Patrick Leahy is denying reports that he'd been about to support a proposal allowing government agencies to access Americans' emails without a warrant.

Emails to appear in Google search results

Google's trialling a new search feature that display results from a user's emails alongside those from the web. It's also launched its Knowledge Graph service worldwide.

Facebook claims emails disprove Ceglia ownership claims

Facebook is asking a federal judge to throw out the lawsuit by Paul Ceglia claiming that he's entitled to half of the company.

Bin Laden sea burial cast into doubt

Osama Bin Laden's body wasn't buried at sea, but was instead flown back to the US, leaked emails suggest.

Wikileaks publishes emails from 'shadow CIA'

Wikileaks has today started publishing more than five million emails from intelligence company Stratfor, which was hacked late last year by Anonymous.

YouPorn passwords extracted and posted

YouPorn appears to have been compromised after hackers publicly posted the passwords, emails, and dates of birth of over a million users.

UN email details published by hackers

The Teampoison group of hackers has claimed responsibility for hacking a UN agency, and has posted more than 100 email addresses and login details on Pastebin.

More climate emails leaked online

Thousands more 'Climategate' emails from the University of East Anglia have been leaked in another attempt to cast doubt on the validity of climate science.

NOAA cleared of data misuse

An independent federal review has concluded that scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration did not manipulate climate data to shore up the evidence for global warming.

Anonymous claims security firms plotted against Wikileaks

Hacking group Anonymous has released tens of thousands more private emails from security company HBGary, which it claims has been plotting with government agencies to attack Wikileaks.

Court rules to protect email privacy

The government has been told that it must have a valid search warrant before seizing and searching emails.

Mint.com email glitch leaves unanswered questions

A number of Mint.com users were recently surprised to find blank e-mails in their inboxes which originated from a Mint.com support address. The immediate fear amongst members was that the mass e-mailing may have been prompted by an unreported security breach.

'Climategate' scientist cleared of misconduct

Professor Michael Mann, the US scientist accused of massaging climate change figures has been cleared by his university.

Steve Jobs emails were faked, says Apple

Steve Jobs is known for being a prolific emailer, but it seems he's not quite as prolific as some people have been making out.

Motorola and Sprint debut "push-to-talk" Android smartphone

Motorola has debuted what it claims is the "world's first" push-to-talk Android-powered smartphone at CTIA 2010.