Email fosters 'vicious' rumor-mongering

Spending lots of time on the internet doesn't make you more gullible - but reading rumor-filled emails does, say researchers.

Google deletes more than 100,000 Gmail inboxes

Google's working to fix a problem which saw thousands of Gmail users log on this weekend to discover that all their emails had vanished.

Giving up media causes withdrawal symptoms

Coming off email, Facebook and Twitter is like giving up drugs, a study has found.

Aussie cadges Thanksgiving invite after email mix-up

An Australian man has spent his first Thanksgiving in the US after a South Florida family included him on their email list by mistake.

Spamming civil servant fails to find love

An Australian civil servant is in big trouble with his bosses after emailing almost 7,000 of his colleagues in search of a woman he'd met at a party.

'Here you have'... a virus

A new email worm is landing in email inboxes worldwide, disabling the anti-virus software of the unwary.

New Gmail inbox prioritizes mail

Google's added a new feature to Gmail: a Priority Inbox allowing users to sift the important mail from the run-of-the-mill.

Reagan's son sets up email service for right-wingers only

Still using Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail? You Commie pinko, you. But now, true American patriots have an alternative - Reagan Mail.

FBI to probe AT&T security breach

The FBI has said that it has opened an investigation into the AT&T security breach that compromised iPad owners' email addresses.

iPad stealthware spotted in the wild

A stealthware app that is reportedly capable of silently monitoring activity on jailbroken Apple iPads has been released into the wild.

Bad sex life? Blame the iPhone!

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later! Yes, women are blaming their lack of sexual satisfaction on seemingly innocent devices such as the Blackberry and iPhone.

Skyfire unlocks Flash video for Android

Skyfire has launched the first Flash video enabled mobile browser for Android-powered devices. 

TelCentris debuts VoxOx universal translator

TelCentris has debuted its VoxOx universal, real-time translator (UT) at the 2010 Mobile World Congress.