Google gets ultimatum from Germany

Germany has issued an ultimatum to the search engine Google to start answering user questions via email or face the consequences.

Homeland Security out of touch with reality

Opinion The US government's Homeland Security Tsar is so far out of touch with technology that she could be living on another planet in another dimension trying to play chess with Schrodinger's cat. emerges from preview, boasts 60 million users

Microsoft has taken its email service out of preview and opened it to the public, as it prepares to shut Hotmail down.

Scarlett Johansson hacker given ten years

The man who hacked into the email accounts of celebrities including  Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis has been sentenced to ten years behind bars.

Senator calls for greater email privacy

Law enforcement could be forced to get a probable-cause warrant to access people's email, thanks to a new bill set to be introduced today.

WikiLeaks trial could last up to 6 weeks

A US military judge has finally set aside six weeks for the long-awaited court martial of Bradley Manning. 

Plunging into computer hell

When your computer dies, it's a big reminder how interconnected we all are. 

This is exactly what happened to me a week ago, and it was quite traumatic.

BlackHat security conference involved in security scare

If you're running a security conference that you advertise as the 'biggest and best' of its kind, it's a little embarrassing when your delegates start receiving phishing messages.

WikiLeaks publishes hacked Syrian data

WikiLeaks has begun publishing millions of documents linked to the Assad regime in Syria - which is currently engaged in an conflict against civilian protestors and armed combatants.

Facebook moves your emails to its Messages folder

Facebook's annoyed users by - all in the name of privacy and convenience - changing users' email addresses to versions.

One in seven work emails 'just gossip'

Almost 15 percent of emails sent at work amount to no more than gossip, say Georgia Tech computer scientists.

Google finally defeats Microsoft in government contract battle

Google, partnering with Onix Networks, has won a major contract from the Department of the Interior, after threatening to sue the agency for bias.

Email creator inducted into Internet Hall of Fame

Ray Tomlinson sent the first network email in 1971 and saved the now familiar "@" symbol from probable extinction. 

Online chat boosts lying, say researchers

People are more likely to lie when communicating electronically, and email generates more fibs than instant messaging.

Man charged over celebrity hack

The FBI says it's charged a man for hacking into the email accounts of dozens of celebrities.

Government issues secret orders to get WikiLeaks email data

The US government used a secret court order to obtain information on the email accounts of WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob Appelbaum, the Wall Street Journal reports.

PrivateSky guards online exchanges from unwanted eyes

On Wednesday a free service called PrivateSky was launched. It lets Internet users shield email, Facebook updates, and other exchanges from Internet snoops.

Yankees leak private info of 17,000 fans in epic email fail

In an epic fail, a Yankees employee accidently emailed the private information of not one, not two, but 17,000 season-ticket holders to hundreds of people.

Gmail users are younger and thinner

Well, this is better than astrology. I've never much liked being a Taurus (stubborn, prosaic, materially-minded), but as a Gmail user I'm delighted to be told I'm young, thin, educated and well-traveled. And it's all true, of course.

New technique identifies email authors

Researchers from Concordia University say they've developed a way of identifying the author of anonymous emails - and that the technique is admissible in a court of law.