The Master Designer of Elysium, Blade Runner, and Tron

Syd Mead may not be a household name, but among genre fans he’s a god, the man who designed Blade Runner, Tron, Aliens, and many other titles, leading up to Elysium. (Director Neill Blomkamp is a huge Mead fan, which is why he hired him on to design Elysium. Just imagine what he could have done for the Halo film that didn’t come together.) 

The Halo Movie That Never Was

You probably know by now that Neill Blomkamp, the director of Elysium, made his debut with the acclaimed sci-fi epic District 9. Blomkamp was also up to direct the big screen adaptation of Halo, which was set up at Universal with Peter Jackson directing, but it never got off the ground.

Elysium Reviews Are In

As everybody knows by now, this has been a rough summer at the box office, with movie after movie going in the toilet. Elysium, which is Neill Blomkamp’s big studio follow up to District 9, has been looked at as a possible hope to bring the box office back from the brink. Now the official reviews are in, and what’s the verdict?

Is Elysium the Summer's Box Office Hope?

A lot of movies have come and bombed this summer, and it doesn’t look like the hemorrhaging’s going to stop any time soon. At the same time, one movie that looks very promising is Elysium, director Neil Blomkamp’s follow up to his acclaimed District 9. 

New Elysium clip online: robot firefight

There's a new clip from upcoming sci-fi actioner Elysium. Matt Damon battles robot minions in his exoskeletal robot gear. Fair match. Can't wait for August 9th release date to come around!

The World of Warcraft Movie Is Officially a Go

A movie based on World of Warcraft has been in the works for some time now, and now it’s official: The big-screen adaptation of WoW will roll next year with Duncan Jones (Source Code) directing.  

The technology of Elysium

This summer has been brutal on big, sci-fi action movies, but Elysium may be the exception. Director Neill Blomkamp, who also made District 9, is probably the most understated blockbuster guy in the movie business. Check out the latest featurette on the technology of this dystopian future earth (is there any other kind).  

Neill Blomkamp talks Elysium and Halo

Elysium isn’t a remake of a tired old movie, or an adaptation of a video game, which could definitely confuse a lot of people, but we at TG are looking forward to the film because it’s the follow up of director Neill Blomkamp, the man who gave us District 9.

Video: Elysium trailer depicts a dystopian 2159

Neill Blomkamp's District 9 was one of the best genre films of 2009. And now Blomkamp is back with Elysium which depicts a very bleak and dystopian 2159.

Elysium photos make a call

Sony Pictures has released a pair of photos showcasing Jodie Foster’s character in the sci-fi action film.

5 movies to look forward to in 2013

Here are some films you might not be paying attention to yet.

Dystopian Elysium is about the 99%

We still don’t have a public trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s new sci-fi thriller Elysium, but lucky Comic-Con attendees were treated to seven minutes of unfinished footage.

Bugatti spaceship wows Elysium fans

I'm a huge fan of science fiction films and the slick futuristic vehicles they often depict.

District 9 director inks Elysium movie deal with Sony

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp has signed a lucrative deal with Sony Pictures for the filming of a new sci-fi movie dubbed "Elysium."