New dispatches from Middle Earth with Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson has posted a new Vlog dispatch from Middle Earth, featuring a few minutes of bonus Comic-Con footage.

There and Back Again: The Hobbit at 48FPS

It's certainly rather difficult to believe that any new technology would actually be more controversial than the current 3D revival, which certainly has plenty of friends and foes alike. 

From LOTR to Tron: Uprising

It's always difficult to make the transition from child star to adult actor, especially if you still look under 30.

A closer look at Tron: Uprising

When the video game market was making more money than feature films, one couldn't help but wonder when the big video game-Hollywood crossover was going to happen.

More dispatches from Middle Earth

"Gollum's never really gone too far away from me because he's indelibly printed into my DNA. What was weird is going back and playing a character..."

The horror of a Maniac remake

If anyone wanted to start a website that exclusively covered bad genre remake news, well, they’d never be out of business.