Logitech tunes in to Internet radio

Logitech has introduced an Internet-radio enabled Squeezebox. The sleek device features a soft-dome tweeter along with a 3-inch high-power, long-throw woofer.

Analysis: Sony's 3D TV gambit likely to fail

Sony has pledged to lead the "commercialization" of 3D by introducing a 3D compatible BRAVIA LCD TV in 2010. Unfortunately, Sony's latest initiative is likely to fail spectacularly.

iPhone app lets users avoid diseased neighbors

The latest iPhone app gives users a chance to really indulge their paranoia.

New Panasonic compact camera coming next month

Panasonic's Lumix DMC-GF1 has become the fourth for the Micro Four Thirds system, joining earlier offerings like the Olympus E-P1. The GF1 offers the ability to swap lenses, giving the camera the versatility of a digital SLR camera in a much smaller form factor.

iPhone fingers crooks who stole it

A man robbed of his wallet and iPhone at gunpoint used the gadget's location feature to alert cops to the crooks' location.

Nokia has another shot with Linux

Nokia is pursuing its flirtation with Linux, today launching a new high-end phone based on the operating system.

iPhone China launch coming real soon now

Consumer gadget maker Apple is close to inking a deal allowing Chinese state telco China Unicom to sell the iPhone.

Nokia to offer ARM-based smartbook

In a move sure to annoy Intel, Nokia plans not only a new Atom netbook, the Nokia Booklet 3G, but also has a new ARM-based smartbook coming down the track, say sources at Taiwanese handset makers.

Frenchman glassed by exploding iPhone

A security guard was glassed by an exploding iPhone, AFP reported today.

Sony adds speakers to new Walkman range

Sony has launched the S Series Walkman Video MP3 player, with built-in stereo speakers to allow users to inflict their taste on those around them.

Analyst sees shiny Apple TV set by 2011

A senior analyst at Piper Jaffray has opined that Apple could offer a full-fledged television set as early as 2011. The device is expected to feature advanced media functions and would be capable of synchronizing with iPods, iPhones and Mac computers.

NY students plan Iran Nokia protest

At 4:30 pm EST today, American student activists will gather outside the Nokia Store at 5 East 57th Street in Manhattan to protest Nokia's alleged complicity in the crackdown against Iranian protesters.

Touch screens set to get clearer

A test has been developed that should improve the performance of smudge- and glare-resistant touch-screens.

Logitech debuts glass-friendly mice

Logitech has introduced two mice capable of operating on virtually any surface - including clear glass that is at least 4 mm thick. The devices reportedly utilize dark field microscopy to detect tiny particles and micro-scratches on high-gloss surfaces, rather than tracking the surface itself.

Palm to open app store, take 30 percent cut of all sales

Palm is the latest outfit to jump on the app store bandwagon with its Palm App Catalog beta program, scheduled to start in mid September.

Car texting video too shocking for YouTube

Welsh police have produced a video highlighting the dangers of texting while driving.

Samsung touts DualView cameras for narcissistic social networkers

Samsung has introduced a line of DualView cameras aimed at narcissistic social networkers. According to Samsung, the TL225, TL220 and CL65 will provide a "whole new approach" to personal photography.

Another judge sides with the MPAA over DVD copies

Yet another court has ruled that, although it is completely legal for people to back up a copy of a DVD they have purchased, it's illegal for anyone to write software enabling them to do it.

Microsoft Zune HD announced. Formally

The Zune HD will go on sale on September 15 and Microsoft said you can pre-order it now.

Logitech introduces rechargeable iPod dock

Logitech has introduced a rechargeable iPod-iPhone speaker dock capable of delivering up to 20 hours of listening time. The company also unveiled the S125i Portable Speaker, which weighs less than one pound and runs on AC or battery power.