iPhone app lets you start your car

A company has created an app for the iPhone which lets you unlock your car and start it without using a keyfob.

WikiReader puts Wikipedia in your pocket

If you ever wanted to carry an entire encyclopedia with you, then this might be your opportunity. Openmoko has begun selling a wallet-sized portable device that includes the English-language content of Wikipedia (about 3.5 million articles).

Dyson: Fans for the memory

Vacuum cleaner entrepreneur James Dyson wants us all to spend $299 on a fan that has no blades.

Giorgio Armani unveils $1,000 luxury mobile phone

Giorgio Armani and Samsung have unveiled a $1,000 luxury mobile phone. The legendary fashion designer explained that the high-end device "combined beauty with function" in a simple and timeless way.

Sony debuts ultra-thin Vaio X notebook

Sony has debuted its ultra-thin Vaio X notebook line. The X series - which is housed in a lightweight carbon-fiber chassis - weighs 1.6 pounds and is just over a half-inch thin.

DivX CEO: We've still a lot of streaming to do

The CEO of DivX - Kevin Hell - said that there are still big opportunities for his company despite the move to internet streaming.

Foxconn preps Apple tablet for 2010 launch

Apple has selected Foxconn to manufacture its shiny tablet PC. According to DigiTimes, the enigmatic device will be available during the first quarter of 2010, with an expected initial production run of between 300,000-400,000.

Startup goes head on against Kindle, Sony

The CEO of start up company txtr said his firm would release an e-reader before Christmas aimed at what he said is a burgeoning market ripe for exploitation.

Amazon chops Kindle price again

Amazon is lowering the price of the Kindle to $259, down from $299 and launching a new reader compatible with global wireless networks.

Google's mobile ad services are laughable

Opinion: Not surprisingly, Google wants to own the mobile browser advertising market just as it dominates the desktop browser ad market.

First real Windows Mobile 6.5 spotted in Lisbon

While the rest of the world bragged about looking at Windows Mobile 6.5 prototypes today, TG Daily has actually messed around with the real thing. It's the Bluebelt II from ZTE.

Toshiba shows off Cell chip TV

Giant Japanese manufacturer Toshiba will release a TV in Japan that uses the Cell multimedia chip.

Nobody move or the iPhone gets it

Proof, were it needed, that some people really shouldn’t be allowed out on their own, reaches us from Cincinnati, where a whackjob threatened to pop a cap in his recalcitrant iPhone’s sorry ass in front of horrified Apple staff.

New Apple ad for iPhone leaked to web

The furniture will be flying in Cupertino as Apple’s latest ad for the iPhone has somehow found its way onto the web.

End of O2 iPhone monopoly is good news for UK users

Analysis: Now that Apple’s flagship phone is to be sold by Vodafone and Orange as well as O2, what benefits will UK users see? Ernest Doku of price comparison site Omio.com peers into his crystal ball...

Palm updates WebOS

iPhone wannabe Palm has released an update for its WebOS smartphone platform.

Faulty chip causes defibrillator recall

While most product recalls merely cause mild annoyance, occasionally one really is a matter of life and death. Unshocking news reaches us from Dutch Electronics giant Philips: it is recalling its HeartStart automated defibrillators due to a memory chip fault.

Turtle Beach introduces dual ear headset for the Xbox 360

Turtle Beach has introduced a dual ear headset for the Xbox 360. The Ear Force XLC - designed as an alternative to standard 'one ear' communicator headsets - offers both in-game and Xbox Live audio.

Apple App Store downloads pass two million mark

Apple has announced that more than two billion apps have been downloaded from its App Store, which it modestly describes as the largest applications store in the world.

Apple ends iPhone exclusivity in UK

UK mobile operator Orange is to sell Apple's iPhone in the UK, ending the exclusive deal with O2 and leaving only the US and Germany not offering a choice of telco to iPhone users.