EA says Medal of Honor PS Vita listing was error

Electronic Arts has removed references to a Playstation Vita version of Medal of Honor: Warfighter on its online store.

Will Wright: console business guys "running scared"

Legendary game designer Will Wright says he sees a sense of paranoia among those in the traditional console gaming business.

EA has "100% digital" strategy

Do you believe in a world where you won't be able to go to the store and pick up the latest version of Madden?

Battlefield Premium hits 800,000 subscribers

In just two weeks, EA was able to convince a whole lot of people to spend money on something that used to be free.

EA sets $80 million aside for Xbox 720, PS4, Wii U

Electronic Arts is already planning a massive budget for the next generation of gaming consoles.

Activision teases "disruptive innovation" in Black Ops II

Activision wants to make sure that Call of Duty doesn't start to feel like it's getting stale.

C&C: Tiberium Alliances is ready for your browser

Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances, coded by Phenomic under the auspices of Electronic Arts, is now in open beta. 

Is Old Republic the most expensive video game ever?

With the long-awaited Red Tails finally hitting theaters and George Lucas announcing (threatening?) his retirement, it's obviously a big turning point in the history of Star Wars.

More firms pull support for SOPA

The highly-controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has lost the support of Sony Electronics, Nintendo and Electronic Arts.

EA peddles $100 Need for Speed car

Does anyone remember the good old days when Electronic Arts (EA) actually made really cool games and didn't try to appeal to the lowest common denominator?

EA head already pessimistic about PS4

The man at the top of one of the biggest third-party game publishers is already talking about next-gen consoles, and not in a good way.

EA to resurrect classic franchises

Electronic Arts (EA) is preparing to resurrect and re-imagine at least a "couple" of classic franchises.

Is Angry Birds really worth $1.2 billion?

Let's think about this rationally for a minute. Yes, Angry Birds is unfortunately one of the most popular video games of all time. But is the avian phenomenon enough to propel the value of Rovio to over a billion dollars?

EA unfazed by Wii U specs

Although a number of journalists and analysts have expressed trepidation over the Wii U's lack of raw horsepower, Electronic Arts (EA) COO Pete Moore isn't at all concerned over the next-gen console's spec sheet.

Updated: Next-gen Xbox spotted at EA studio

A next-gen Xbox was recently spotted in the wilds of an unnamed Electronic Arts (EA) studio. 

The console - an early build with no casing - is apparently housed inside a standard PC shell.

Animated Mass Effect film in the works

Electronic Arts today announced that it is working with FUNimation to translate their popular video game franchise, Mass Effect, into a feature length anime.

Activision goes after EA for 'conspiracy'

Activision's broadening its lawsuit against two game developers who developed Call of Duty, adding Electronic Arts to its list of targets.

EA deeply discounts App Store titles, shenanigans called

Game publishing giant Electronic Arts (EA) had just discounted a whole swath of its iPhone games to 99 cents ahead of the holiday season, but there's a feeling out there that this might not be a warm and fuzzy holiday giveaway by the company.

EA hella hates Bobby Kotick

Oh yeah, it's on! Electronic Arts (EA) is hella angry at Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick for claiming that the gaming company "lost its way" and no longer appeals to developers.  

Bobby Kotick says EA has lost its way

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick believes Electronic Arts (EA) is going nowhere fast.