The Gaming Exec Exodus

While it’s often hard to tell how the gaming market can do, we at TGD think this could be a strong year for games, even with the market’s often abrupt transition periods. And there may be more change in the air as gaming shifts from physical consoles to streaming.

The Star Wars games have been saved

It was a very unfortunate irony that once the Star Wars saga was up and running again with JJ Abrams at the helm that the plug was being pulled on Lucas Arts, the division that made the Star Wars video games.

EA nominated for worst company award

EA Games is likely to be named the worst company in the US by the Consumerist magazine, beating off some stiff competition from the telephone companies, and seems to want to compound the issue by blaming homophobes.

EA man decides to spend more time with his family

EA's DRM has finished off the somewhat chequred career of Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello. Riccitiello's obsession with DRM appears to have killed off the launch of the flagship SimCity game which was supposed to make a huge killing for the outfit.

EA offers free game to grumpy SimCity players

Electronic Arts says it's close to fixing the problems that made the launch of SimCity such a disaster last week, and is offering a free PC game to anyone affected.

EA wants one user identity to rule them all

Electronic Arts (EA) is reportedly preparing to roll out a service that will enable gamers to employ a single user identity across multiple platforms.

Are video game stores becoming irrelevant?

An untold number of book and record stores have been shuttered over the past few years. Thankfully, there are still plenty of places to buy video games.

EA founder: game consoles will wither

The man who founded video game company EA says the market he helped invigorate is now a minor target.

The horror of genre games

I've covered horror and gaming for many years, yet it never ceases to amaze me that certain titles, like Silent Hill, are incredibly realistic and even frightening to play alone in a dark house.

Electronic Arts exec in single-player snub

Electronic Arts (EA) Labels president Frank Gibeau is not a huge fan of the single-player experience, which he apparently feels has no real future in the next-gen console gaming landscape.

EA: Don't expect new IP on PS3, Xbox 360

If you were hoping for a brand new Electronic Arts franchise, don't hold your breath.

EA exec sees death in retail gaming

It might not be a good time to be Gamestop.

EA exec confirms seeing PS4 and Xbox 720

Electronic Arts Labels president Frank Gibeau says he has seen the next home console from both Sony and Microsoft.

SimCity goes live on Mac OS X in February

Mac OS X users are currently able to play multiple versions of Sid Meier's Civilization on Steam, but what about the latest iteration of SimCity?

EA cautiously optimistic about Windows 8

Valve founder Gabe Newell, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson and Blizzard rep Rob Pardo are all quite apprehensive about Microsoft Windows 8.  

New Tomb Raider game inspired by Hollywood

With the likes of Batman, Spider-Man, James Bond, etc, all getting Hollywood makeovers, there is little to question when video games do the same thing.

EA and Zynga trade insults in copyright battle

Electronic Arts is suing Zynga, claiming that Zynga's The Ville violates its copyright.

EA announces Sims 3: Seasons expansion

Everyone's favorite life simulation game is getting a new update.

Consumers no longer want to pay for games

What do you think happens when the "freemium" business model becomes the norm across mobile platforms and MMOs?

EA CEO: PC is fastest-growing gaming segment

Forget the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3; there's a new king in town.