NASA wants better batteries for electric vehicles

Electricity producing batteries are a vital part of daily life on Earth and in space. Power storage devices keep spacecraft operating, cars running, cell phones connected and flashlights lit. The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) now is funding 22 projects across 15 states with a total of $36 million to develop better, more efficient power sources for electric vehicles (EV).

Yamaha gets serious about electric vehicles

Yamaha is looking to showcase at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show not one, but five electric, two-wheeled rides all described as reference vehicle/prototypes. Four of them are best classified as full electric scooters or motorcycles, while the last one is an electrically power assisted bicycle.

When will Americans buy EVs?

Are we as Americans so addicted to our gas guzzling vehicles that we are unwilling to consider the benefits of more environmentally friendly forms of transportation, such as electric cars, unless it can be proven to us in a dollars and sense kind of way? That’s one take away to be considered from a recent global survey of electric vehicle opinions by research firm GfK.

Revamped Honda Fit hybrid ready to hit the road

Honda, already on American roads with one of the most fuel efficient electric vehicles out there, is now aiming to up its game in the hybrid space as it tries to take back market share from Toyota.

These road-based power lines charge electric vehicles

One solution often seen with electric buses, and sometimes with electric trucks, is to power them via attachment to overhead power lines. This is both unsightly and can cause delays in scheduling should the vehicle’s power connector fall off the line.

Using electric vehicles as a grid power source

There’s significant progress to report on an idea that could transform electric vehicles from a potential grid destabilizer to a helpful piece in the energy storage puzzle.

Extended range electric vehicles may be our green future

What do you think of when someone says extended range electric vehicle, or eREV?

The $9,000 EV is here, all 770 pounds of it

There are cars made by BMW called the Mini. There are mini cars, such as Smart Fortwo and the Fiat 500 designed to take advantage of the light weight and easy maneuverability of a small frame.

Report: EVs save money and reduce emissions

Electric Vehicle haters may have just lost one of their major rhetorical weapons.

Electric vehicles get tested in Antarctica

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is conducting field tests on two electric vehicles in Antarctica to evaluate performance in extremely cold conditions.

Tesla sues Top Gear over Roadster 'lies'

Tesla is suing the BBC over a Top Gear program two years ago that it says falsely maligned its Roadster electric car.

Is Obama clueless about electric cars?

President Obama's moon shot - a Kennedyesque call to have 1 million plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) on U.S. roads by 2015 - is certainly bold and welcome, but most likely out of reach.

Obama wants one million EVs by 2015

In a State of the Union address packed with nods to cleantech, President Obama's call for the United States to become the first nation with one million electric vehicles on the road - and to do it by 2015 - could easily have been heard and then forgotten.

Electric car market gains focus

Pike Research is out with a forecast for electric vehicles for 2011 that doesn't quite suggest the fuzzy, question-filled market will gain perfect clarity, but does predict a "year in which many … answers will come into greater focus."  

Hertz kicks off electric car rentals

Eying 2011 as the year that they bust into the mainstream, Hertz confirmed it has begun renting electric vehicles (EVs) in New York, DC, and San Francisco. 

Many consumers skeptical over EVs

Consumers were certainly quick to adopt hybrid cars when they debuted around a decade ago - particularly the Toyota Prius. 

But will they do the same with the new plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs)?