Improving electric vehicle range with supercharged batteries

Electric vehicles could travel farther and more renewable energy could be stored with lithium-sulfur batteries that use a unique powdery nanomaterial.

Volvo accelerates EV research projects

A week ago I wrote up a story about how Volvo is involved in multiple cutting edge low carbon transportation projects, despite not really having much of a green vehicle fleet yet. Now word comes of another undertaking the automaker is just now wrapping up which involves wireless electric vehicle charging.

New electric car charging station doubles capacity

ChargePoint – which claims to have the largest network of independently owned electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the world – just launched its CT4000 Series. It is designed to address two major issues – the cost of installation and the growing demand for charging spots. We are all for EVs. Yay environment!  

Mitsubishi goes for the EV racing win

So near, and yet so far. That’s probably how the crew over at Mitsubishi felt when the team placed second in the Electric Vehicle category at the 2012 Pikes PeakInternational Hill Climb (PPIHC).

Hovertrax is an auto-balancing, electric vehicle with gyro technology

There are those times when walking a long distance can be overrated. Public transportation options exist, and you can always take your personal vehicle, but what about if you want to try and get to your destination in a more unique way?

A closer look at Toyota's Me.We electric vehicle (EV)

The notion of a car which is lighter, more affordable and environmentally friendly continues to elude automakers.

EV's to patrol Chinese city

Are electric vehicles ready for prime time for law enforcement?

Electric vehicles recruited for military base grid security

Can electric vehicles help protect a military base from power disruptions? Well, maybe not entirely, but they could help make a base microgrid secure.

GE wants a more efficient motor

General Electric (GE) has been working to create a more efficient electric motor for battery-powered EVs and hybrid vehicles.

Japanese researchers charge EVs - through vehicle tires

Bringing EVs to mainstream consumers is a challenge the auto industry has yet to overcome.

Honda's UNI-CUB: Segway or Wall-E's girlfriend?

Most of us tend to associate Honda with cars and motorcycles, yet the automotive company has a number of varied interests ranging from robotics to aircraft.

Electric vehicle sales slow as reality sets in

The electric vehicle market isn't exactly booming today. Yes, there may be several reasons, but mostly it's the price.

Infiniti rolls out sexy electric LE Concept

Infiniti unveiled a sleek and very interesting looking electric vehicle concept dubbed the Infiniti LE at the New York Auto Show this past week

Evolve Xenon Tron light cycle hits the auction block

If you are serious about getting your hands on a replica Tron light 'cycle, well, you really should check out this ongoing auction hosted by CharityBuzz.

Electric car maker Arcimoto drives long road

In the far and wide ranging electric car industry there are full sized vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf, and low speed, golf cart like vehicles (LSV) only meant for neighborhood driving. 

Americans Want EVs, but most won’t buy

We’ve reported on a veritable landslide of electric vehicle (EV) related hubbub from manufacturers and federal agencies. 

GE takes electric cars on feel good tour

General Electric (GE) has a general interest in all things electric, the future of the electric vehicle (EV) in particular. 

This DUO electric vehicle is a funky looking ride

The DUO is a two-person electric trike that looks like a car, and it will be available for around $24,995 in March of this year, according to 
Autoblog Green.

Meet Manta, the amphibious electric vehicle

City 2046. Art, life and ingenuity. These were the themes for the ninth annual Michelin Design Challenge, an international automotive design competition for individual designers, teams, studios, and companies.

Electric vehicle shifts power back to the grid

Managing the grid - maintaining a balance between supply and demand that keeps the system at its required frequency of 60 Hz - is a bit of a delicate dance.