Kawasaki J is a slick electric motorcycle

The Tokyo Motor Show, as we’ve been noticing from various stories of late, was a hotbed this year for electric vehicle ideas. Another one in this vein came from Kawasaki, which used the event to showcase its futuristic J concept personal transportation concept vehicle.

Next Generation of Electric Motorcycle Design

Collaborative engineering has become more vital now than ever, as companies are learning what they do best and are looking to others to help perfect a product. Brammo, an electric motorcycle company, did just that when they started development on what they hoped would be the fastest electric ...

Roskva electric motorcycle lightweight, fast, all green sexy

Take five students in their 20s at the University of Life Sciences in Oslo, Norway who are all studying machinery and product development or process technology.

Roehr debuts eSuperSport electric motorcycle

Illinois-based manufacturer Roehr has debuted an all-new electric motorcycle called the eSuperSport based, in part, on a Hyosung Motors USA GT650R.

Electric motorcycle hits 190 MPH

Chip Yates, the racer and designer of a 240 horsepower, 400 pounds of torque electric motorcycle, is claiming that his vehicle is the world’s fastest, having reached a top speed of 190.6 miles per hour.

Zero XU electric motorcycle saddles up

It wasn’t too long ago that electric motorcycle company Zero Motorcycles overhauled its 2011 lineup, unveiling what was said to be "sweeping technical improvements."

BMW supermoto 'cycle goes electric 

Electric motorcycles have been gaining ground in the racing world, and Miika Mahonen, an industrial designer from San Francisco, thinks BMW should make one ASAP. 

Mission R debuts as sleek e-motorcycle

Mission Motors is on a mission to build the "purest expression of electric performance."