Electric car concept gets by on good old pedal power

With gas prices and the economy in such a dismal state right now, I feel bad for anyone shopping for a car.

Fastest electric car on ice tops 150 MPH

World tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres announced that driver Janne Laitnen reached the fastest speed ever on ice with an electric vehicle earlier this spring. 

The bricks of Tesla's battery packs

There are currently many factors working against electric vehicles that effectively prevent them from going mainstream.

DeLorean electric car lightens the load

The resurrection of the once-iconic DeLorean Motor Company brand is creeping forward.

Nissan: Our electric car can power your home

Nissan  is taking the all-electric car to new heights. Now you can do more than just drive a Nissan LEAF, you can also use it to power your house.

Electric car revenge film trailer debuts

The producers of the new film "Revenge of the Electric Car" (a sequel to 2006's "Who Killed the Electric Car?") are foregoing the traditional studio distribution model and taking it directly to the fans, via Facebook. 

Meet the $76,000 Steampunk Miluira

Meet the Steampunk-themed Miluira, a retro electric vehicle that will set you back a cool $76,000.

GM developing an electric, networked two-seater car

General Motors is designing a two-seat vehicle that would be a perfect fit for people who don’t usually like to drive and live in densely populated cities.

Ford decides who will get all electric Focus first

The Ford Motor Company is going to be launching its first all-electric, zero pollution car, the Ford Focus Electric. It will go on sale in late 2011 and like the rest of the electric cars; it will only be available in limited markets.

Rush Limbaugh vs. Chevy Volt and why the pure electric car doesn't yet make sense

Motor Trend Magazine, one of my favorite publications, just named the Chevy Volt the Car of The Year. 

Few editorials and blogs are critical of Chevy Volt. Are you?

The Obama administration and their lapdogs are promoting the Chevy Volt as the electrifying savior of the auto-industry and maybe even the planet.

Nissan pushes mainstream with $32,000 electric car

In the boldest move yet for the electric car industry, Nissan is set to offer the Leaf at under $33,000, bringing the final price to consumers to around $25,000 after a federal tax credit.