Fast, furious, and soon to be electric

Early on Saturday mornings, before the rest of campus stirs awake, Jacqueline Sly ’14 grabs coffee and heads down Massachusetts Ave. to building N51. Winding through familiar walkways, past boxes of scrap metal and old pipes, she arrives at a large, airy room dominated by two nearly finished frames of certified Formula One cars. To Sly and the rest of the MIT Formula SAE team, this is home.

SunCycle is a solar-electric cargo bike

NTS Works, which last year brought us the 2×4 Cargo Bike as an electric bike option, is back again with a new offering which combines solar and pedal power to propel it forward. Known as the SunCycle, it is set to price for around $4,100 when it goes on sale in April.

This micro car is powered by solar energy

The evolution of the electric vehicle industry in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom where we’ve seen strong examples of its progress, is something producing some very interesting innovation.

BMW details and prices i3 EV

BMW, which recently shared a range of technical specifications on its upcoming first mass produced electric car known as the i3, has now made available official pricing information ahead of its July 29 world debut.

Gearing up for electric car racing

The world of electric racing got a big boost in name recognition this week when renowned IndyCar team Andretti Autosport, led by household racing name Michael Andretti, became the latest entry in the upcoming FIA Formula E Championship.

Siemens shows off electric hybrid aircraft in Paris

The world of electric airplanes continues to expand as more and more well known companies get in on the act of developing aircraft for this sector of the aerospace industry.

100,000 plug-in electric vehicles sold in over the last two years

100,000 plug-in electric vehicles sold in over the last two years. That’s what advocacy group Plug In America recently celebrated with an Alabama man who purchased said vehicle a short ago. It was an ironic choice though, representing one of the lesser well selling of this classification of vehicle here in the United States.

All-electric Elektro E6 aircraft seats 6

Besides EADS, another company working in the development space for more sustainable aircraft is PC-Aero. Best known for the Elektra One all-electric aircraft, they have now set their sights on an even more ambitious undertaking: a two-engine, six seat all electric aircraft with solar panels called the Elektro E6.

Mission electric motorcycle hits 150 MPH

Those looking to get into high end, high performance electric motorcycles apparently need look no further than Mission Motorcycles.

Smart ForTwo EV to hit US roads

The smart electric fortwo – billed as the least expensive electric vehicle on the U.S. market – is making its way to dealership, Mercedes-Benz USA said this week, with an interesting twist: You can buy the car without a battery if you want to.

This Toyota electric charging station generates its own power

Toyota has been on a bit of a tear lately when it comes to examining the intersection of transportation and sustainability. It, for example, showcased at the recent Shanghai Motor Show the FT-HT hybrid concept and also unveiled the all-electric Me.We vehicle as a study in ecological responsibility.

VTOL is now all electric thanks to Project Zero

VTOLs, or Vertical Take-Off and Landing crafts, are not new. The military utilizes them extensively in operations where aircraft need to get to locations quickly, but the destination either has no landing strip or is isolated, or both.

New Honda electric car design goes micro

Honda recently debuted a micro-sized, short distance electric vehicle commuter.

Hybrid or electric? Green car idea proposes a little of both

Hybrid or electric? That's a question many green car drivers ask themselves when they consider what vehicle to purchase.

Zero announces electric motorcycle lineup

Zero has announced its 2013 electric motorcycle lineup.

iZip E3 Compact goes electric

A few years back we highlighted an electric bicycle company known as Currie Technologies.

 Recently, the company unveiled a compact electric bike developed in collaboration with folding bike specialist Dahon [PDF].

Citroen conceptualizes the DS3 as an electric

Citroen is hoping to score big at the Paris Motor Show with its DS3 Cabrio, a new convertible configuration of the Mini-competitor.

Video: Electric airplane loses power, glides home

One of the primary reasons many consumers shy away form electric vehicles is range anxiety, or the fear of a car battery running out of juice while still on the road.

Back To The Future: '68 Ford replica goes electric

A Florida-based amateur inventor has rescued a 1968 fiberglass replica of an old Ford GT40 from the scrapheap and turned it into an electric car.

Brammo revs electric Empulse motorcycle

Electric motorcycles can be crazy fast, as we saw earlier this week with an electric drag bike that hit over 200mph in under 7 seconds.