Parallel database is the bee's whiskers

MIT researcher Todd Mostak has invented a new parallel database that allows for crunching complex spatial and GIS data in milliseconds.

3,000-year-old murder solved

Egyptologists say they believe they've established the truth about the death of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses III 3,000 years ago. And, just as an ancient papyrus suggests, they say, conspirators murdered him by slitting his throat.

Egypt is this year's top Twitter hashtag

This year, the world was most interested in Egypt and Charlie Sheen, according to Twitter's annual report on the top trending hashtags.

Satellite images reveal 17 lost Egyptian pyramids

An archaeologist at the University of Alabama in Birmingham says she's discovered 17 lost pyramids in Egypt - without even leaving her desk.

Autopsy confirms 3,500 year old Egyptian princess had clogged arteries

If you thought McDonald’s was the only food capable of giving you artery busting bad health, think again.

Google's Egyptian protest hero plans to quit and form NGO

The Google executive who was so instrumental in the protests that led to the overthrow of the Egyptian government has said he plans to leave the company to set up his own Non-Governmental-Organization (NGO).

Egyptian man names daughter "Facebook"

Sometimes it seems like Facebook and Twitter are nothing more than sites designed for updating exactly what you ate for lunch. But recently, the social networking sites have proved themselves far more useful, helping to fuel political change in both Egypt and Tunisia.

Boeing-owned firm 'helped Egypt eavesdrop'

Advocacy group Free Press is alleging that a Californian company has been helping the Egyptian government inspect the contents of email, Twitter and Facebook messages.

British government protests over pro-Mubarak texts 'from Vodafone'

The British foreign secretary, William Hague, has complained to the Egyptian government after Vodafone revealed that it was forced to send out pro-Mubarak texts during the unrest in the country over the last week.

Egypt emerges from internet blackout

Egypt is back on the internet, after a five-day shut-down linked to unrest in the country.

Old tech lets Egyptians' voices be heard

Google and Twitter have come up with a way to let Egyptians tweet despite the country's internet shut-down.

Egypt unplugs from the internet

Egypt is effectively offline, after the government cut off almost all internet access late last night.

Mass-mailer worm linked to cyber-jihadists

A mass-mailer worm that recently infected a number of US government and corporate computer systems has been tentatively linked to a cyber-Jihadist organization known as the "Brigades of Tariq ibn Ziyad."

Door to the Afterlife creaks open in Egypt

Archaeologists have managed to painstakingly unearth a 3,500-year-old "Door to the Afterlife" that was originally placed in the tomb of an ancient high-ranking Egyptian official in Luxor.