Tapeworm eggs found in fossilized poop

Paleontology isn't always about tyrannosaurs and pterodons: sometimes it's quite a lot less glamorous.

Record-breaking python highlights invasive species fears

Florida has long had the world's worst problem with invasive species - and a new find marks one of the most worrying examples yet.

Did egg-laying lead to dinosaurs' extinction?

It was egg-laying that did for the dinosaurs, claims a new report, while viviparous mammals thrived.

Apple store pelted with eggs

Apple's suspended retail sales of the iPhone 4S in China, after its Beijing store was pelted with eggs by unhappy would-be customers.

Stem cells created by cloning human eggs

Scientists have for the first time derived embryonic stem cells from individual patients, raising the possibility of personalised genetic treatments.

Commentary: Egg cartons lie about animal welfare claims

If you are one of the people who buys cage-free eggs because you care about the welfare of the chickens, then a new study might set you off.

Germans chuck eggs at Street View opt-outs

German media are reporting that households which have opted to have their homes blurred on Street View have been pelted with eggs.