Education needs 3d printers in the classroom

Just how beneficial is 3d printing and 3d scanning in our education and how does it improve on the standards already in place? This technology has grown in popularity and is now all that anyone is talking about. The buzz concerning 3d scanning and printing is quite extraordinary.

This Hummingbird board is pre-Arduino

Hummingbird is targered at precocious young modders - but we want one anyways.

Boost visas for highly-skilled tech workers, says Microsoft

Microsoft is calling on Congress to pump more into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education because of a looming shortage of tech workers.

Comic-Con 2012: Legitimizing graphic novels as literature

Northern Kentucky University has long been one of the few schools in the country where one can take several classes specifically about comic books and graphic novels as literature.

$35 computer enters production

A British charity is about to start manufacturing a $35 Linux-based computer aimed at the education market, and is promising an even cheaper model later on.

Survey: Students who own tablets more likely to favor digital textbooks

A new survey has shown that more people favor digital textbooks. Duh! If you’re a student you probably already knew that.

Binge drinkers have less ability to learn new verbal information

Here’s one for the obvious file: a study of university students has found a link between binge drinking and poorer verbal declarative memory.

Surveillance cameras monitor food intake in school cafeterias

Think it is safe to grab an extra slice of pie? Well, think again.

Researchers enlist robots to help autistic children

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have enlisted a specialized "Nao" robot to help teach autistic children.

Video game helps autistic children with social interaction

Psychology professor Carrie Pritchard is creating a computer game not just for fun, but to help teach autistic children social skills. Pritchard - who received  a $20,000 grant for the project - plans to design the educational video game with a focus on interaction and responsibility.

Can Apple's iPad replace static textbooks?

Remember those old tattered textbooks your teacher used to loan you at the beginning of the school year? Well, the heavy as rocks books may soon be replaced with a lighter, more new-age device: Apple's iPad.

US science education: could do better, says report

The US risks falling behind in science, warns Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, unless science teaching is improved.

That's your homework done: Wolfram Alpha plans course assistant apps

Wolfram Alpha is launching the first three apps in a series of 'course assistant' apps.

Analysis: Detroit schools think netbooks will fix education problem

These days everyone seems to think improved technology means progress. So will giving netbooks to students and teachers in Detroit improve education for students in one of the worst school districts in the country?

S. Korean students learn English from robot teachers

In South Korea, science fiction has become reality, with 30 robots teaching English to young students as part of a unique pilot program.

Google Apps pries young minds away from Microsoft

New training programs for education are laying the foundation for Google's advance into schools.

Obama criticizes generation iPad

US president Barack Obama has criticized the iPad and Xbox 360 for transforming relevant information into a "diversion" and putting "new pressures" on democracy.

Nintendo's Miyamoto wants Wii in schools

Shigeru Miyamoto, the man responsible for creating Mario, says his next big project is getting people to use the Nintendo Wii as an educational tool.

Judge says students can slate teachers online

Guess what? It's your legal right to bitch about your teacher on Facebook, and the school can't do a thing to stop you.