• Omid Rahmat


    Omid began his career in the world of computer graphics hardware working on ancient technologies called EGA and VGA. Every company he ever worked for found a buyer within a reasonable time of mourning, and went from great success to dramatic ennui. Fortunately, he found personal infamy as an analyst for Jon Peddie Associates before co-founding the GAMExecutive Conference, and subsequent stints in senior management at Expertcity (now Citrix Online), and most recently, as CEO of Tom's Guides Publishing.

    Mike Magee

    Editor at Leisure

    Mike launched his first magazine in 1971 and although his first try wasn't an online publication, he went on to redefine tech journalism over the course of his career. First there was The Register. He launched The Register in 1994, an irreverent IT news site that has evolved into one of the leading IT publications on the web. Subsequently, Mike went on to create the Inquirer in 2001, and was involved in launching and Indian online magazine, The Examiner, in 2008. The Daily Telegraph in the UK, named him as one of The 50 Most Influential People in Technology in 2009 because of his impact on IT journalism. His specialty is semiconductors, preferably fried, not frozen. And only slightly stirred.

    Andrew Thomas

    Anger Management

    Andrew was born before mobile phones, PCs or iPods were invented, so he had to scrape a living running and programming computers that took up the space of a tennis court and had lots of flashing lights on them. After a while he tired of this and went off to write about them for people such as Computer Weekly, Infomatics, PC Week and a couple of UK national dailies. He was then made an offer he couldn't understand by IBM and went to work for them, later blundering into employment with DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) and Intel. He is believed to be a British spy.

    Emma Woollacott

    Science Officer

    Emma has been a technology and science journalist since 1989. Since becoming a freelance in 1992, she has written for the Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, the Sunday Times Magazine and a rather long list of print and online technology titles in the UK. Before inveigling her way into TG Daily, she worked mainly for the News and the Examiner, two India-based titles.

    Aharon Etengoff

    War Master

    Aharon has covered science, technology and defense topics for a number of publications. Before joining TG Daily, he worked for The Inquirer, IT Examiner and The News. Aharon currently lives in sunny California where he overdoses on natural vitamin D nearly every day.

    C Shanti

    Sneaker Maker

    C, as he is affectionately known, is a 16 year old based in Bangalore. He had his first break in journalism when a truck driver ran him over on the road from Bangalore, and he gave the story to the Times of India. Later, he recuperated in EST Hospital in Bangalore and a kindly old gentleman decided to take him on as a journalist apprentice. He considers himself to be something of a buccaneer and pirate.

    Emory Kale

    Village Idiot

    Emory has continued to champion the mullet despite the disastrous impact it has had on his love life, and his chances of ever making it pass the TSA without a full body cavity search. He rarely writes and when he does it is often bad or the editorial equivalent of eating bubble wrap. Nevertheless, he has a sex tape and has threatened to release it if he can't continue to post on these pages. No one can tell which is worse.

    Wolfgang Gruener

    Founder and Nomad

    Before founding TG Daily, Wolfgang was the Editor in Chief of Tom's Hardware Guide's News pages. His genius was to start TG Daily, help it grow into a great part of the tech landscape and get out before the lunatics took over the asylum. Wolfgang continues to advise the company while pursuing new ventures.