Could nuclear help birth the hydrogen economy?

New nuclear plants could be adapted to make hydrogen for fuel, an Austrian scientist told the world’s largest scientific society.

Climate change beliefs influenced by recession

Americans are less likely to believe in man-made climate change as economic conditions get tougher, new research shows.

Will hybrids survive the onslaught of more efficient gasoline engines?

People who are shopping for green and efficient cars have a number of choices on the market today.

Legalizing online gambling could hit economy hard

Legalizing online gambling could have dire consequences for both individuals and the economy, a University of Illinois professor says.

US military preps for fast-paced digital warfare

A high-ranking US military official has warned that the threat of cyber-warfare is rapidly "redefining" the front lines of national security.

China is now the world's second largest economy

The People's Republic of China - also known as Zhōngguó - has eclipsed Japan and is now the world's second largest economy.

Google Pac-Man trashes US economy

Never, ever apply for a job at RescueTime. They're hard taskmasters.

Loss of biodiversity could damage world economy, says UN

It's always worth appealing to peoples' pockets if appealing to their better nature doesn't work, and a new UN report warns that the world's loss of biodiversity is threatening national economies.

Economy up; Life, not so much

The first quarter report is out from the UCLA Anderson Forecast and the economic diagnosis is "bipolar." That means economic growth but continuing high unemployment.