Judge's remedy in Apple eBook case changes everything

Steve Jobs' arrogance was part and parcel of who he was. It has now come back to bite his company on the butt as a judge now forces Apple to suck it up and let the market decide the price of eBooks. This is a black and white case where Apple bullied the publishing world to control eBook pricing. 

Scazli's Human Division saves the Colonial Union

John Scalzi’s new book will be released episodically.

Bioshock Infinite: Mind in Revolt brings us the beginning of Columbia’s revolution

The prequel novelette examines the motivations of the Vox Populi.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary ebook to feature every doctor

As part of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebration, Puffin and the BBC will be publishing 11 short ebooks.

DoJ defends controversial e-book suit

The Department of Justice has hit out at opponents of its e-book price-fixing case against Apple, saying that they are serving their own self-interest.

Harry Potter goes digital at last

All seven Harry Potter books are finally available as e-books, through the Pottermore online shop.

Plustek scanner eliminates paper books

Are you a rabid fan of digital books? If you hate touching paper during your reading sessions then Plustek’s book scanner is for you.

Rowling picks Google eBooks for online Harry Potter store

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has struck a deal with Google Books, allowing her novels to be released as e-books on the Google platform.

Amazon eyes Kindle lending library

Amazon has announced a sweet new feature for its e-reader.

E-books outsell paperbacks on Amazon.com

We’ve all heard rumors about the day when digital book purchases will surpass that of regular books.

ION launches 'book-ripping' device

Ion Audio, best-known for producing products to help music lovers transfer tracks from vinyl to CD, has released a product promising to do the equivalent for books.

3D gaming arrives on the iPad

Want to play 3D games on your Apple iPad? Well, a Florida-based company - aptly named 3D Eye Solutions - will allow you to do just that.

Borders launches $150 Kobo eReader

Borders has entered the rather crowded eReader space with the launch of a $150 device dubbed "Kobo."

Apple iPad sales exceed one million units

Apple has managed to sell over one million "magical" and shiny iPads after just 28 days on the market.