Romanian pleads guilty to $2.7 million online auction scam

A Romanian man has admitted taking part in a scam that netted $2.7 million from online purchasers on auction sites such as eBay, Craigslist and AutoTrader.

$1m bid on Ebay for graffiti artist Banksy's identity

He's the Scarlet Pimpernel of the art world: but he is, just possibly, about to be unmasked. Just a few short hours from now, an Ebay auction will close, with the winning bidder reportedly buying the identity of the graffiti artist Banksy.

iPhone 4 is eBay's most popular item of the year

The iPhone 4 pipped Barbie to the post to become eBay's most-bought item this year.

Ebay mobile usage explodes over the holidays

Increasing its presence in the mobile world seems to have done wonders for Ebay, as sales made over iPhone, Android, and other phones during the holiday season grew by more than 134% over last year.

EBay buys online fashion site

Bay is buying German fashion shopping club brands4friends for around $200 million, in a move it says is aimed at stengthening its fashion credentials in Europe.

At $5 million, Ebay sets new mobile spending record

Do you know what two days ago was? No, it wasn't a holiday or a well-known Christmas shopping day, but somehow it became the new record holder for the most money spent on Ebay's mobile app in a single day.

Blu-ray 3D versions of Avatar going for up to $400

If you had a snazzy brand new 3D TV and an expensive Blu-ray 3D player, what's the number one movie you'd want to watch? Avatar? Unfortunately for you, it's pretty exclusive right now.

Amazon app makes you take a second look for holiday shopping

When you're at the mall and you see that "whoa, that's cool" gift, stop for a minute. Could you get it cheaper online? That's the kind of point-of-purchase question wants you to be asking, and it's why the online retailer has just launched a new iPhone app.

Report: Cybercriminals create 57,000 malware sites per week

Frenetic cybercriminals are reportedly creating 57,000 malware-based websites per week to exploit high-profile brand names.

EBay pulls ads site after sex allegations

Ebay has taken down its Spanish classified ads site Loquo, after Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster accused it of touting prostitution.

Ebay sued for billions over e-commerce patents

Ebay has been slapped with a massive patent suit which could cost it at least $3.8 billion.

Street-legal Tron Lightcycle on sale

Toymaker Parker Brothers has created a limited edition of five Lightcycles - yup, the ones from Tron - and is selling them for $35,000 a pop on ebay.

EBay co-opts bricks-and-mortar stores to act as its shop window

EBay has bought popular bar code scanning application RedLaser from Occipital, saying it wants to make it easier for its users to list items for auctions online.

Team turns to eBay to build low-cost land mine detector

US Army-sponsored researchers have built a land mine detection system for a hundredth of the cost of traditional systems - using parts they bought in online auctions.

EBay and NRF pledge action on organised retail crime

EBay has always been a boon to shoplifters - an easy way to offload stolen goods. But many criminals have been doing it on an industrial scale, and now the company's teamed up with the National Retail Federation to tackle organised retail crime.