Warning on Amazon and online retail this Christmas

I use Amazon religiously for gift giving. In fact, this year I bought gifts for everyone but my wife on Amazon, a practice which has historically worked out well. They show up wrapped and I can do all of my shopping, wrapping, and sending on one day. Yes, it’s rather brilliant.

eBay shares soar on back of bullish manifesto

eBay has driven up its share value after making bold forecasting claims. In its forecast of annual earnings the net giant said it would push for an earnings growth  of 15 percent to 19 percent over the next three years.

Google Glass auction pulled from eBay

EBay has pulled an auction for a pair of Google Glass specs, on the basis that it was a fake - but not before bidding reached nearly $17,000.

Tech firms come out in support of gay marriage

Tech giants including Apple, Facebook, eBay and Intel have expressed their support for gay marriage in statements to the US Supreme Court.

The incredible Star Wars toy auction

How many of you wish you still had your Star Wars action figures? How many of you wish you had bought two of each back in the day?

Einstein's 'God letter' for sale on eBay

A letter written by Albert Einstein in which he gives his views on religion is to be auctioned on eBay next week.

Wii U pre-orders sell out, pop up on Ebay

How many people do you think pre-ordered a Wii U even though they never have any intention of playing with a Wii U?

Xbox 720 dev kit sells for $20,100 on eBay

A purported Xbox 720 developers kit has sold for a cool $20,100 on eBay after racking up a total of 43 bids.

Massive video game collection sells for $1.2 million

If you love old school video games, fear not. There's many cartridges available on Ebay for dirt cheap, and you can probably even buy arcade games for relatively cheap as well. 

Rising demand is giving biogas a big lift

Those Bloom Energy fuel cells that eBay said it will use to power its new data center in Utah? They'll run on natural gas. Likewise most Bloom Boxes going in these days.

Vintage 1992 Game Boy watch goes up for auction

Check out this awesome watch.

Kurt Cobain was here... For $100,000?!

Anyone who stayed alive during the 90s knows all about Kurt Cobain, the former front man for Nirvana, which was arguably the best band to come out of the 90's grunge scene and epitomized the Seattle sound.

New Yahoo CEO is former Paypal exec

The man tasked with turning Yahoo around in the revolving door that is the company's CEO is Scott Thompson.

Final $99 Touchpads sell out in minutes

It was a virtual Black Friday over the weekend when HP made its final batch of $99 Touchpads available at the apex of the holiday shopping season.

Weird heads for sale on eBay

No, this isn't about real heads for sale on eBay, although there's probably real heads for sale on there too. I haven't checked and I'm not going to, sorry.

Windows 8 developer tablets show up on Ebay

We could have seen this coming a mile away.

Assange relics, sorry, memorabilia up for sale

It's not quite as good as a piece of the True Cross, perhaps, but anybody in the market for a religious icon might like to consider checking out eBay.

Jet-powered Batmobile up for sale

Well, we now know what we're doing with the office slush fund this year - buying a real-life jet-powered Batmobile.

Dems want to collect online sales tax

A bill recently proposed by Democrats in Congress would require online businesses to impose federal taxes on all online purchases.

Sheen's "A Piece of My Mind" hits $2,500 on e-Bay

Twenty years ago, a rather introspective (but hardly sober) Charlie Sheen self-published a book of poetry entitled "A Peace of My Mind."