Great earthquakes, water under pressure, high risk

The largest earthquakes occur where oceanic plates move beneath continents. Obviously, water trapped in the boundary between both plates has a dominant influence on the earthquake rupture process.

A Robot Actually Wrote a Story For a Major Newspaper

We’re reporting this story with a little trepidation, and we’re not the only ones either. While many are afraid robots could take away their jobs, we writers have never been afraid of that, until now perhaps. 

Report: Earth's gravity scarred by earthquakes

ESA’s GOCE satellite has revealed that the devastating Japanese earthquake of 2011 left its mark in Earth’s gravity – yet another example of this extraordinary mission surpassing its original scope.

Dell goes on supercomputer stampede

A partly Dell-powered supercomputer, Stampede, is being lauded tomorrow at its home in Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at Austin's University of Texas.

San Andreas fault could pose wider risk than thought

The 'stable' zones thought to inhibit nearby earthquakes may actually make them worse, a new study shows, implying that California's San Andreas fault may be much more dangerous than believed.

Himalayas set for major quakes?

Massive earthquakes have left clear ground scars in the central Himalayas, raising concerns that more could be on the way - in a region that has a population density similar to that of New York City.

Fracking linked to small earthquakes

Further evidence has emerged that injection wells associated with fracking cause minor earthquakes.

Wastewater injection causes sharp rise in earthquakes

A huge increase in the number of minor earthquakes across the middle of the US is almost certainly caused by wastewater injection from oil or gas drilling, including the controversial technique known as fracking.

'Invisibility cloak' could hide buildings from earthquakes

A team of British mathematicians has developed a theoretical design for a Harry Potter style ’cloaking’ device which could protect buildings from earthquakes.

Earthquakes triggered by tropical cyclones

Tropical cyclones could be triggering earthquakes, say scientists studying last year's temblors in Haiti and Taiwan.

Team drills to the heart of San Andreas Fault

An international team of scientists and engineers has drilled down a mile and a half into the epicenter of an earthquake.

US unprepared for major earthquake, says NRC

The US is complacent about its ability to cope with earthquakes, says the National Research Council, which has today released a 20-year road map for increasing resilience to quakes.

Large quakes don't trigger others far away, study finds

Big earthquakes don't trigger others far away, a new study from the Royal Geographic Survey and the University of Texas has found.

No, 'supermoon' won't trigger tsunamis

The internet is awash with rumors that this month's 'supermoon' - a full moon coinciding with the moon's closest approach to earth - will bring earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods.

Carbon sequestration could cause earthquakes

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) underground could trigger earthquakes, a Stanford geophysicist warns.