How shale fracking led to an Ohio town's first 100 earthquakes

Since records began in 1776, the people of Youngstown, Ohio had never experienced an earthquake. However, from January 2011, 109 tremors were recorded and new research in Geophysical Research-Solid Earth reveals how this may be the result of shale fracking.

Analyzing the earthquake-energy connection

The link between geothermal power production and earthquakes is one long since established, but new research is providing fresh insight into how Earth responds to this and other sorts of poking around underground that we do.

Seismologists - not poor building standards - blamed for earthquake deaths

Six scientists and an ex-government official have been found guilty of manslaughter in Italy.

Large quakes can trigger others around the globe

Very large earthquakes like last April's Sumatra quake can set off others around the world for at least a week, including one as far away as Baja California.

Huge magma reservoir growing under Santorini

A giant 'balloon' of magma has been welling up under the Greek island of Santorini, raising it an extra five and a half inches above the sea.

Severity of Japanese tsunami explained

Scientists at Cambridge University say they've worked out why the tsunami that devastated Japan in March 2011 was so much larger than expected.

Is 3D the next step for disaster movies?

The disaster film genre was originally thought to be left behind in the dust of the 70’s with The Poseidon Adventure and Earthquake.

Cinematic earthquakes then and now

Disaster films were part of a genre that was popular for several years in the 70’s, with such movies as The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno, and Earthquake. 

Google encourages gawpers with updated Street View of Japan

Well, that's tasteful. In Germany, Google allows residents to remove their homes from Street View - but in Japan, it's giving the owners of piles of rubble no such option.

Seismologists in court over Italian earthquake

Six Italian scientists and former government officials are to appear in court today over charges that their failure to predict an earthquake led to hundreds of deaths.

Apes go ape before Washington quake

Animals at the Washington National Zoo started behaving oddly minutes before Tuesday's magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit.

SenSurround - the audience is going deaf

In repsonse to our recent coverage of 3D movies, one TG Daily reader wrote in about seeing a movie in SenSurround way back when.

Can games help experts manage disasters?

Over the past few weeks, Japan has been grappling with the aftermath of a tragic 9.0 earthquake and tsunami which killed thousands of people.

Japan disaster shakes Toyota green car plans

Toyota announced a series of production date changes following the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in early March.

Earth rotating faster following Japan quake

Last Friday's quake in Japan has likely shortened the length of the planet's day and shifted its axis, says a NASA scientist.

SXSW raises money for Japanese quake victims

The SXSW (South by Southwest) community has kicked off fund-raising efforts in conjunction with the Red Cross to help raise funds for Japanese quake and tsunami victims.

Google launches Person Finder following Japan earthquake

Google's quickly launched a version of its Person Finder app to help people try and locate friends and family caught up in the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

US cities vulnerable to earthquakes like New Zealand's

The conditions that caused the earthquake that hit New Zealand two days ago apply to many US cities, say experts.

Los Angeles basin at risk of major quake

More great news for Californians. Just a couple of weeks ago, they were told that they were at serious risk of a superstorm - and now they need to prepare for a major quake.

Social media could have been used more effectively to aid Haiti

Exactly one year after the earthquake that left 230,000 of Haiti's population dead and millions more homeless, researchers are analyzing the effectiveness of various social media tools deployed in the disaster's aftermath.