Rumors of a Steam Box set-top box

Steam has revolutionized the way gamers play games on their PC, and now it wants to do the same when it comes to the living room.

Mass Effect 3 takes to the skies

Over the years, I've seen some very strange gimmicks to promote video games. At least two of the most memorable campaigns were run by EA in honor of its popular Godfather franchise.

EA peddles $100 Need for Speed car

Does anyone remember the good old days when Electronic Arts (EA) actually made really cool games and didn't try to appeal to the lowest common denominator?

Gamers sue EA over Battlefield 3 PS3 bungle

Giant video game publisher EA is facing a lawsuit after it failed to deliver on a promise related to the recently released Battlefield 3.

1600 Modern Warfare 3 cheaters banned

It is to be expected when you have the fastest-selling video game of all time: lots of people are cheating.

Battlefield 3 hackers bypass Origin requirement

A group of gamers who aren't exactly happy with the requirement of using EA's Origin platform to play Battlefield 3 has managed to find a way around the annoying stipulation.

Battlefield 3 eclipses 10 million sales

Development partners EA and DICE have announced that Battlefield 3 has achieved a new record for their biggest launch day sales.

Battlefield 3 developer praises PC as game platform

In contrast to what has become an increasingly strong trend of pushing PC gamers aside, the executive producer of one of the hottest holiday games of 2011 is saying quite the opposite.

Analyst: PS4 to launch before Xbox 720

Console fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of Microsoft's next-gen system known as the Xbox 720 or "Next."

EA praises PS Vita over Nintendo 3DS

While Nintendo's DS handheld absolutely trounced Sony's PSP rival, EA exec Frank Gibeau sees a reversal of fortune in the next battle between the two companies.

EA to resurrect classic franchises

Electronic Arts (EA) is preparing to resurrect and re-imagine at least a "couple" of classic franchises.

EA calls 3D gaming a flop

As far as EA is concerned, 3D video games have been nothing but a headache.

Lodsys's giant lawsuit now includes Angry Birds

The developer and publisher of Angry Birds now have a reason to be angry themselves, as a technology company called Lodsys is suing them.

EA offers $1 billion for casual publisher Popcap?

Electronic Arts is reportedly looking to gobble up casual games leader Popcap.

EA pulls out of Steam in favor of own platform

EA really wants gamers to come to its newly launched digital download platform.

DLC push spurs 'Battlefield' boycott

A group of gamers are threatening to boycott the latest installment in EA's successful 'Battlefield' series.

Mass Effect 3 coming March 6, 2012

Electronic Arts has confirmed a release date for the anticipated Mass Effect sequel.

EA releases Mass Effect 3 details

EA has released some gameplay details, and even some spoilers for their upcoming finale to the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Dragon Age 2 player banned for calling EA "the devil" forum user v_ware apparently isn't a big fan of EA, and he probably didn't change his mind after his Dragon Age II account was suspended.

EA says mobile gaming market worth $3.4 billion

Electronic Arts (EA) has pegged the lucrative mobile gaming market at a staggering $3.4 billion for 2010.