EA teases FIFA 13 and Madden 13 for Wii U

There are probably many gamers out there - like me - who purchased a Nintendo Wii and then became bored with the console after a few short weeks.

Wii snubbed in new Tiger Woods game

For the last 10 years, Nintendo console owners have come to expect a new entry in the Tiger Woods PGA series every year.

Madden 11 goes 3D, but stops short of a touchdown

The latest installment in Madden's NFL game franchise is going to tease us with a brand new unlocked 3D mode, even though it's not the stereoscopic 3D standard that sophisticated gamers have come to expect.

Super bowl champ Drew Brees to hit Madden NFL 11 cover

Drew Brees became the face of one of the most important Super Bowl victories ever when the New Orleans Saints were crowned victorious, and now that face will hit one of the most important video game box covers.

EA's Madden Football says Saints over Colts

A simulation run by EA Sports has predicted that the New Orleans Saints will “march to victory” over the Indianapolis Colts with a final score of 35-31 at Super Bowl XLIV.