Sony E3 press conference will be televised by G4

Even though it seems Spike TV will not be airing Sony's E3 press conference next month, G4 will be.

Star Fox title rumored for Wii U

It's being reported that Nintendo is hard at work creating a new entry in the Star Fox franchise for its upcoming Wii U console.

Sony will not televise E3 press conference

Sony will be cracking down on what live platforms will be allowed to carry its big E3 media spectacle.

Sony might unveil 20 games at E3

It looks like Sony might be preparing to wow E3 attendees just through its sheer number of product announcements.

Microsoft manufacturing process points to Xbox 720

A Microsoft work order at Austin, Texas-based Flextronics is making everyone turn their heads.

Spike TV partners with Microsoft for E3 coverage

Spike TV's coverage of E3 2012 next month will begin with a 90-minuted commercial-free presentation of Microsoft's media briefing.

Rumor: Microsoft to announce $99 Xbox 360

Microsoft is rumored to be working on a $99 Xbox 360 for gamers who commit to a two-year Xbox Live Gold subscription.

E3 2012 to play host to new Mario game

If you're ready for more plumbing platforming, then get set for Nintendo's Wii U console.

Microsoft says Xbox 720 a no-show at E3

Microsoft is crushing the hopes and dreams of gamers who hoped to see a new Xbox in June.

Sony exec says PS4 will not be at E3

Sony is officially quashing rumors that the next Playstation home console will be unveiled at this year's E3 event.

New rumor suggests PS4, Xbox 720 at E3

The latest scuttlebutt about the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 is sparking excitement that this year's E3 could be the "biggest ever."

Rumor: Next Xbox coming E3 2012

We didn't see it materialize last week as some had hoped.